Wanting To Facilitate a Group?

want to be a facilitatorWhat’s amazing, humbling and inspiring about Love God Greatly?  The fact that God is using ordinary people, who have an extraordinary love for Him!  Women who are moms, co-workers, grandmas, friends… are stepping up to lead Love God Greatly groups, and are impacting lives for Jesus in some pretty big ways!  Amanda, who heads up our LGG Leadership Mentoring Program, describes the influence of a LGG Group Facilitator like this:


“Someone who loves Jesus and encourages others to love Him more. 

Someone who thirsts for the Word of God and makes others thirsty.”

Each session here at Love God Greatly, more and more women are looking to join LGG groups where they can grow and be encouraged in their faith.  They’re looking to rub shoulders with women who thirst for the Word of God; a facilitator who will be faithful in reading her Bible, and who will inspire the ladies in her group to do the same.  They want a leader who will pray for them, listen to their hearts, and point them back to Truth.  They’re longing for a sense of community: that feeling of knowing that they don’t have to walk through this Christian life alone.  And mostly, they’re seeking to know Jesus more through His Word.  And that’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Has God been prompting your heart to facilitate a Love God Greatly group this session?  We couldn’t be more thrilled!!  To find out more about becoming a LGG Group Facilitator, click here.