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Interested in joining a group for our upcoming Bible study but not sure where to begin? We’re here to help!

There are a couple of ways that Love God Greatly groups are formed. Check these out, then choose the direction that works best for you!

Form Your Own {LGG} Group

1. Many women form groups from already established personal relationships with friends or family. If you prefer this route, consider connecting with women who are already in your life: church friends, mom friends, co-workers, high school or college friends, neighbors, moms/sisters/aunts/grandmas… you get the idea! We think 5-12 women to a group is ideal, but do what works for you!

Once your group is formed, please enroll as a LGG Facilitator.

Using this button, you will be able to enroll as a LGG Facilitator as well as enroll your personal group.

facilitator registration



 Join An Existing {LGG} Group

2. Another option is to join an existing Love God Greatly group with women from our LGG Groups Pages (Please note: These pages will only available during enrollment time!). Think of the LGG Groups Pages as a “meeting place” of sorts; there you will find LGG Facilitators who have openings in their groups and are welcoming new members. Group Facilitators post their “open” groups to the LGG Group Page, complete with a description of their group. Once you’ve found a group that’s a good fit for you, simply message the group facilitator with a request to join!

Groups are FULL! 

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Love God Greatly group is a wonderful place to receive extra encouragement, fellowship and accountability with other women throughout the study. We encourage you to take the step and form or join a group today!

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