GMG Mentoring Applications Now Open!

At Good Morning Girls, we do our best to provide support to our leaders. Leading is often different than anticipated, and the struggles leaders face are unique. Our Leadership Mentoring program grew out of a desire to equip our leaders to handle the unique challenges of leading a Bible Study group through various forms of social media.

The Leadership Mentoring program takes new or current leaders and places them into short term groups with an experienced leader. These groups become a forum to study the Bible together, learn from the experiences of others, and discuss various circumstances that might arise while leading. We desire to see leaders who are committed to leading groups for the long term!

If you have been considering leading a group through Good Morning Girls, you may be interested in Leadership Mentoring. If you are a current leader but are needing encouragement and ideas, you may find that Leadership Mentoring helps you re-focus.

The dates for the next mentoring session are: July 27th – Applications Close August 1st – Groups open and discussion begins August 4th to August 15th – Leadership Bible Study

To apply, please click on this link

For more information on Leadership Mentoring, please read this post from May. Please note the links and dates in that post do not apply to the current Leadership Mentoring session.


Be blessed, and be a blessing!

Amanda, GMG Mentoring Director

Becoming a GMG Group Leader

Becoming a GMG leader- Women's Online Bible Studies

As we approach each new study, many women have questions about leading a Good Morning Girls group. If you’re one of those women, this post should give you some answers!

Who can be a Leader?

Leaders are women who really desire to dig deep into Scripture themselves, and are willing to have others join them in their journey. There are no specific required qualifications for GMG Leaders, but we encourage new leaders to participate in Leadership Mentoring when it is available.

What is required of a Leader?

Leadership is a serious commitment, and one that shouldn’t be entered into on a whim. Leaders need to:

  • Commit to daily participation for the course of the entire study.
  • Post their SOAP each day, preferably at the same time of day for consistency in their group.
  • Pray regularly for their group members.
  • Participate in the larger community of GMG Leaders.
  • Read each GMG Blog Post.
  • Respect the guidelines that GMG gives.
  • Be familiar with the Good Morning Girls Leader’s Guide, which is available to registered leaders.
  • Agree with the Good Morning Girls ‘Statement of Faith.

What is the time commitment each day?

Most leaders typically spend one to two hours a day doing their personal study, posting, and interacting with their group members. That time is often spread throughout the day in smaller increments.

How do I become a Leader?

The best way to become a leader is to gather a group of your family and friends who would like to do the study with you! We find group size works best with 5 to 12 women, but it can be smaller or slightly larger.

If you don’t have any friends or family who would like to join you, it’s possible to list your group as being open to accepting new members. More information is available in the Leader’s Guide, once you are registered as a leader.

To register as a leader, hover your mouse over the tab ‘Groups’ on the menu bar above, then click ‘Be a Leader.’ You will arrive at a page with some more information to consider. At the bottom of the page is a button – click that to register as a leader. The Leader Registration Form will be available to fill out when Enrollment starts.

If Leadership is something you’re considering, take some time to pray and listen to God’s voice. And if you do decide to lead, I look forward to “meeting” you!

Be blessed – and be a blessing!

It’s that time again….Mentor Leaders Program Starting Soon!

GMG Mentor Leaders

Have you ever considered getting a group of friends together for a Good Morning Girls Bible Study, but didn’t know where or how to start?

Are you a current Good Morning Girls Leader, but feeling you need some direction and encouragement in your leading?

Good Morning Girls has a two week Leadership Mentoring program, designed for new and current leaders. We understand that while leading is daunting and challenging, it’s also incredibly worthwhile!

We have designed a two week mentoring program for those who would like training in how to lead a Good Morning Girls Bible Study.

It consists of:

  • A small group. Since GMG studies are ideally run in small groups of women, we pair Mentor Leaders with small groups of women who desire to participate in the leadership mentoring.
  • A daily Bible study. Just like a regular GMG study, the leadership mentoring program involves daily SOAP readings. The study will help you grow in your faith and confidence, as well as familiarize you with the day to day organization of a small Good Morning Girls study group.


Experienced Good Morning Girls leaders have written practical articles that deal with various group situations, and the Mentor Leaders will post these in the small groups. Group members will be able to read the articles and discuss them with their Mentor, as well as the other members of their group.


The Mentor Leaders are wonderful women! Each of them have led multiple Good Morning Girls studies, and will walk accepted applicants through the process of starting and leading a group.

Before you apply, take some time to pray and realistically think of the commitment this requires. The Mentoring Groups run concurrently with week 7 & 8 of the current Luke 17-24 study. The time required is more than a regular study, but we don’t want you to stop your normal study in order to participate.

Also, be aware that the ultimate goal of GMG Leadership Mentoring is to equip leaders to lead Good Morning Girls studies. It is not personal development mentoring, accountability partners, or an ongoing mentoring relationship.

Since group members need to have easy access to PDF documents, it works best if you are able to participate from a computer.

To apply for Good Morning Girls Leadership Mentoring, click here.

Applications close on Sunday, October 6th.

This session will start on October 14th and end on November 1st.

– Amanda B.
Director of Good Morning Girls Mentor Leaders Program


Grab some friends and JOIN US this Thursday night starting at 9 pm CT/ 10 EST! (Available for only 24 hours)

Go here to watch the webcast:

Don’t miss this week’s #WomenLivingWell {FREE} webcast starting again Thursday night and running for only 24 hours! This week Angela will be keynoting and talking about our walks with God which will be followed by a group discussion from ALL Good Morning Girls contributors!!! This is the first time we have all been together in one place… was super fun and I hope you can join us this Thursday evening!

We will also have a Facebook party with fun giveaways one hour before the webcast goes live!

Make sure and invite some friends over to join you this Thursday as we talk about the importance of walking with the King!





Winners from last week’s giveaway have all been selected and contacted! Are you one of them? Find out by checking here!!

Thanks everyone for entering our giveaway! Sending out a special thanks to Thomas Nelson also for all the books they donated to our giveaway!

If you did not win, please pick up a copy of Courtney’s Women Living Well book today at your local Christian bookstore or online!


GMG {Mentor} Leaders Program- Important Announcement

FB GMG Mentor Leaders Cover Photo 600

The call went out for women to apply for our leadership mentoring – and the response has been overwhelming!

I want to speak directly to the women who applied for a moment.

I’ve read through each and every application, multiple times. Your stories and deep desire to serve others while you lead touch my heart. I’ve become aware of what a deep desire this is within ourselves, as women. Both to lead others and teach other women, and also to have someone pouring themselves into our lives!

If I could somehow open up a spot for each woman who applied, I would! Unfortunately, it’s a simple matter of numbers. More women applied than there are spaces for.

I’ve pictured what your responses might be when I email you later this week regarding your application. For some there will be joy – or trepidation, when you realize that your application has been accepted. For others, disappointment when you’re told there weren’t enough spaces for you at this time.

How I have prayed for wisdom and discernment in the time leading up to this! As I read through the applications, I pray and I listen. I listen for the whisper of God, impressed on my spirit. “Yes, this one.” Or, “No, this isn’t the right time for her.” Or even, “I have different plans.” And, in faith, I trust in those whispers – even when my mind says, “This one would be a good leader!”

No matter the response you get later this week, please don’t be discouraged. If you are sure leading a GMG group is a calling God has placed on you for this time, He will also equip you to answer that call. GMG provides excellent resources to help you lead, even if you are unable to participate in the mentoring program.

Or maybe you need to spend some time in prayer, really discerning how God wants you to be involved. Perhaps there is a group that needs your input, and you are a valued group member. Perhaps there is a leader in need of support, and you can come alongside her to help and learn directly from her. Perhaps God wants you to concentrate on something else completely – leading is not for everyone.

And a challenge to all of us – the desire to nurture and be nurtured within women is deep. If God has placed a woman in your life who can help you grow in your character and faith, embrace it. Let her teach you! And if you find that you are in the place to be that woman in the life of another, trust God to help you. At various times in our lives we all need to be in one or both of those places!

My prayer for each of you is that you will be blessed by God, and be a blessing!

Amanda Buhler- GMG Mentor Leaders, Director

GMG {Mentor} Leaders Training Program…Starting SOON!

GMG Mentor Leaders

Our summer session is drawing to a close! God has been challenging me and changing me this summer through the studies and groups I’ve been leading. Turning areas of my life over to His control is sometimes scary… but so exciting and worthwhile!

I’ve received emails from a few women who have felt God’s prompting to start leading a GMG group, and also corresponded with some current leaders who want to be more effective. It’s one of those ‘scary steps.’ Being a leader is intimidating – just the awareness that others are looking to you to be an example is daunting! While it may not require public speaking, leadership does require you to be public about your very private beliefs and thoughts.

How about you? Is this something that God has been speaking to you about? Could this be your ‘Anything?’

If it is, we’d like to help!

Good Morning Girls has some amazing resources for leaders.

  • A Leader’s Guide with many practical helps.
  • A GMG Leaders facebook support group.
  • Registered GMG Leaders also have access to a Leaders Only section of the website, where all the materials are located that you need to successfully lead a study.

But more than that – we offer mentoring!
The mentoring sessions are small GMG groups led by experienced GMG Leaders. The two week study, called ‘Women of Influence,’ takes you on a path studying influential women in the Bible – and how you can learn from them and follow their example in your own leadership. At the same time, the Mentor Leaders share helpful articles that talk about things like setting up a group and finding members, dealing with conflict and difficult situations, facing discouragement, and more!

GMG Mentoring Testimonies

Bobbie participated in one of the mentoring groups, and this is what she had to say.

“This is an awesome program that Good Morning Girls provides! I not only felt my own confidence building to lead a group on my own, but also felt my relationship with Christ deepen to another level! I would recommend participating to anyone who is interested in leading/mentoring or even if just contemplating the idea. The scripture/subject material is relevant to not only leading a study, but being a “leader” in Christ in everyday life.”

The Mentor Leaders are a wonderful team of experienced GMG Leaders. Between them they have led more than 70 sessions! These ladies have a heart for God and a heart for serving others. I am incredibly honored to work with them! Our mentors for this session are Ann, Ellen, Heather, Jessica M, Jessica R, Julie, Kesha, Mandy, Martha, Shaun, Sherry, and Veronica.

The Mentor Leaders are there to show you, by example, how to lead a group. They will answer any questions you have, as well – so ask away! These women are maybe the most valuable resource we can offer you.

The upcoming Mentoring Session will start on Monday, August 5th and run until Friday, August 16th. Just like a regular GMG study, daily participation is a must. The Mentor Groups are a little more intensive than a typical GMG study, so please, seriously consider your involvement before applying. There are a limited number of spots available.

To apply to participate in a mentoring group with a Mentor Leader, please fill out this form.

Applications will close on Sunday, July 28th.


Amanda Buhler- GMG Mentor Leaders, Director

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