Announcing our NEW 2014 Advent Study ~ {The Road to Christmas}!!


You’ve been asking, and we’ve been listening! We can’t think of a better way to prepare our hearts for the season than this: our brand NEW Love God Greatly Advent Online Bible study, set to begin December 1!! 

God’s plan sometimes takes generations to be revealed. He works in the humility of our brokenness and through the celebrations of our joy to gently weave his story. Christmas is one of those times! There are several women in Jesus’ family tree. They are normal women. Broken women. Women willing to allow God room to work in their lives. And through their stories we can see the themes of God’s redemption, grace, and salvation. We hope you’ll join us on {The Road to Christmas} as we take a look at the lives of these women!

We know you need something do-able, so we’re keeping it simple around here… 

    • Commit to just four weeks, and we’ll provide a simple Reading Plan and Study Guide… all of the work is done for you!
    • No need to enroll for this short study… simply join us every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the blog for Weekly Reading Plans, Memory Verses, Challenges, encouragement and more!
    • Like always, our materials are {FREE} when you subscribe to the Love God Greatly blog.  If you’ve already subscribed in a previous study, you’re good to go!  You’ll find the links to our study materials at the bottom of each email you receive with each published blog post. *{The Road to Christmas} study files will become available next week!
    • We encourage you to follow LGG on Pinterest, where we’ll pin some fun and inspirational ideas for Advent/Christmas for you, as well as related activities for kids!

*We know that December can be an overwhelming month, so we’ve designed {The Road to Christmas} to be easily workable into your busy holiday schedule. This round, there will be passages to study on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, plus optional readings to enrich your study on other days.

Grab your friends, sisters, moms, daughters, grandmas, aunts, church groups {you get the picture!}… and save the date! Trust me, you won’t want to miss THIS!!

At His feet,

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Giving Thanks For Gospel Gifts

Wheat field over cloudy sky

What are you thankful for? What are those things that put a little hop in your step or a song in your heart? What can bring tears of joy to your eyes? Perhaps it’s family and friends, the generosity of others, or the home that you live in. Some are thankful for meaningful experiences including visiting beautiful places, eating delicious food, or just sitting by a warm fire. My youngest son is thankful for bottlecaps and corndogs.

But the one thing that should move us to praise and thanksgiving is often the one thing we take for granted or have grown cold to, that is, our salvation. Before you roll your eyes at this obvious, sunday school answer, think carefully. The gospel of your salvation is one the greatest, life-changing truth that continues to bear fruit in you throughout all of your days!

I need to continually return to this myself. I need to consider how a perfect God would love, die for, and accept a deeply sinful person like me. This is more than amazing and should lead me to grateful worship. God’s holiness makes it impossible for man to draw near to God and yet  God has chosen to draw near to us in the person and work of Jesus.

Our reading for today tells us a few things about our salvation that we should be praising God for.

New Birth

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,
1 Peter 1:3

The great mercy of the new birth (regeneration) is the life changing aspect of the gospel. It is when God reaches deep inside us and takes out our heart of stone in order to replace it with a heart of flesh that beats for him (Eze. 36:26). But a new heart isn’t the only thing we receive. God also gives us a new mind, a new spirit and new affections.

We are no longer what we once were. God has taken away the older person and made us new (2 Cor 5:17). We can now love God and treasure his word. The new birth causes us to weep over our sins and rejoice over God’s immeasurable grace. And best of all there is no person whose sin goes so deep that God’s cant’ reach it and exchange it for a heart of righteousness.

This is truly praiseworthy.


and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade. This inheritance is kept in heaven for you,
1 Peter 1:4

God’s amazing generosity and love do not stop with simply giving us a new life through Christ’s death. He continues his generosity by granting us an eternal inheritance. This inheritance is beyond what we could ever imagine. It includes a kingdom, a new world, eternal life, and Christ himself. Sadly many of us find this boring. Those who are not excited about the inheritance don’t hate their sin and the evil in the world as much as they should, nor see Jesus Christ as their first love. We want to be with the ones we love. We long to escape the evil that hurts us and others. Study this inheritance and know it well–it belongs to you. The better you understand and know it the more thankful you will be for it.

who through faith are shielded by God’s power until the coming of the salvation that is ready to be revealed in the last time. In all this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials.
1 Peter 1:5,6

This inheritance is not something to be bought or earned in any way. As a part of the good news of the gospel it is a precious gift from God. And he is keeping it safe for us until we get to heaven. While life on earth can be very difficult, God will protect our souls and empower us to persevere in faith to the very end. What Christ’s blood has bought cannot be undone. The life that Christ gives through his resurrection cannot be killed. This is truly a great reason to celebrate with gratitude and thanksgiving!

Looking to Jesus,






Our NEW upcoming Advent study begins December 1!

Mark these dates and keep an eye open for more information coming soon!

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Living gratitude in the midst of your imperfect story…

Wheat field over cloudy skyIt’s no secret that I love a good story.

I love to read them, and I love to write them. Nothing captivates me more than something that’s real-life, up close and personal. Throw in a great visual and it’s golden.

Stories have the power to move us and teach us. They open our hearts, expose our feelings and help us to sort through our own convictions. And good stories often help us come to terms with our doubts and frailties, moving us forward to a place of confidence and action.

The world and our pride tell us to put on a good story front. To show our best sides in front of our friends. To post our most flattering pictures on social media. To portray as much order and beauty as possible so that our stories will look and sound good. So that we will look good.

But have you noticed what stories go viral on the internet?

I’m here to tell you that it’s not usually the neatly packaged life. More often than not, it’s the words and videos that are raw and real; the ones that speak of hope in hard times, love that overcomes trial, right that wins over wrong, and gratitude in the redemption of it all. You can think of one right now, can’t you?

Why is this?

I believe it’s because we’re wired to long for a redemption story.

The Bible is just that – from beginning to end – one long story that takes us through this incredible journey of ups and downs, rebellion and heartbreak until hope and sacrifice and redemption finally win. How glorious that the imperfection of the needy leads to gratitude for the provision of a perfect Savior.

gratitude post

The greatest story ever told.

Since gratitude is our focus, and since Jesus is the lasting Source of our gratitude, it follows that if you’ve been rescued, you too have an important story to tell.

“I can’t tell my story,” you say.

It’s too messy.

Too imperfect.

Too incomplete.

Too unresolved.

Too hard.

Too {fill in the blank}…

But wait.

Remember, the best stories aren’t the perfect ones. Listen, no one can relate with those anyway. The best stories are centered on the hope and gratitude we live out in the midst of our imperfect stories, because all of the glory is shifted away from us and back onto the real hero of our story… our perfect Savior. 

If we actually lived out this kind of consistent, genuine gratitude in the middle of our imperfect mess… it might just go viral.

A woman who is confident and content in who she is in Christ overflows with gratitude even in the midst of her less than perfect story, allowing God’s beautiful story of redemption to continue to shine through her to the next generation.

He’s given each of us a story.

It’s up to us to decide what we’ll do with it. Won’t you elevate the name of Jesus by living gratitude in the midst of your imperfect story today?

At His feet,

LET’S TALK: Do you struggle to live out gratitude because you’re caught up in the imperfect? How can we pray for you today? Let’s encourage one another in the comment section below!

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Wearing Your “Sunday Best”…

Wheat field over cloudy sky

So I had one of those crazy Sunday mornings yesterday. The kind that involves struggling to dress three girls with tights that don’t have any runs in them, finding matching dress shoes for each and bows for their hair… Oh my goodness, who am I kidding! As I ran around my house like a modern day archeologist digging into drawers of multicolored tights and socks, looking through rooms and closets for two dress shoes that match. I heard that old familiar voice in my head say, “You know, if you had only laid out everything the night before…” Yeah, I know! And honestly, I do that most of the time. But man, I was tired Saturday night and after baths, books and bedtime… I was exhausted. I was done… ready to call it a day.

So I found myself on Sunday arriving to church late and having to walk the “walk of shame” (those of you with younger children hopefully know what I’m talking about… not that I’m hoping you’re late to church like me, but you know what I mean!) as I dropped off all three of my girls late to their Sunday school classes.

Why were we late? Because I was concerned with how my girls were “clothed” for church.

After a stressful and rushed Sunday morning, I came home let my girls play and sat down to write today’s blog post and I read these words:

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“Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” Colossians 3:12

Ohhh dear Lord, thank you for this gentle reminder. Forgive me for placing more importance on how I clothe my children on the outside rather than the inside.

Oh how I want to teach my daughters about what truly matters in life… I so needed this reminder. Maybe you did too?

As daughters to the King of kings, who are chosen, holy, and did I mention DEARLY LOVED… this is how we are to clothe ourselves.

Last week we spent time looking at Who God is and What He has done. What a great time it was just to stop and slow down before the craziness of our holiday season comes upon us.

And so this week we come to our response to who God is and what He has done.

Our response to our Lord is to live as women clothed in this manner! And you know the great thing about “dressing” this way? These garments never go out of style!

So my challenge this week is to intentionally display compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience as we go about our days, interacting with the people God has placed in our lives.

I know it is hard to display all these characteristics! None of them come naturally to any of us. But when we focus on our gratitude to God and what He has already done, our love for Him compels us to extend that same love to others.

This week, instead of spending so much time and attention on what we wear (or what our children wear) on the outside, let’s spend time in prayer thanking God for what He has already done and ask Him to work in our lives to clothe us with:

Compassion… as we kiss the thousandth booboo for the day.

Kindness… as we look at the needs of others around us and decide to act and meet a need. Maybe even extend some kindness to ourselves…

Humility… as we praise another instead of seeking the praise.

Gentleness… as we choose to respond gently instead of “telling it like it is”…

Patience… as we realize we are all a work in progress. We are all broken and striving to be more and more like Christ each day… but none of us will be fully mature and complete until we see Jesus face to face. Until then, we are all growing in the faith. Let’s be patient with each other in the process.

As I look at this list, my heart overflows with love for God and a desire to wear these garments everyday in gratitude to the One who has done so much for me. But if I’m completely honest with you, I struggle everyday and that scares me. You see, I’m in the process of raising three girls to love God with all their hearts, minds and souls… oh how I want to teach them what it looks like to be a woman who clothes herself with these garments.

And you know the amazing truth in all of this? From the richest to the poorest, EVERYONE can clothe themselves with these amazing, beautiful garments!

So next time I have another crazy Sunday “rush to get to church” morning, I’m going to go back to this verse, take a deep breath, slow down, and make sure I put on these “garments” first for my girls to see…

Because it’s what’s on the inside that truly matters…. and seriously, who has time for matching bows anyway?


Love God Greatly!

Angela- Good Morning Girls





{Week Two} Challenge:

W2 Challenge

{Week Two} Memory Verse:


{Week Two} Reading Plan:

Reading Plan Image W2


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Love Demonstrated

Wheat field over cloudy sky

My selfish flesh likes to think of myself as something other than weak, ungodly, and a sinner. I prefer to think of myself as godly, having it all together, and righteous. Perfect, in and of myself {with great hair, I might add}. When I keep it together, my little happy dreamland is full of daises and adorable Disney characters flying and hopping around me {with my great hair flowing in the light breeze}.

And then I fail.

I let ugly, unkind words slip from my tongue towards my husband, I get upset with my kids for extremely important things like leaving the milk out and letting the dog on the veranda {ahem}, I gossip about the person I feel wronged me, I stress and worry about the future of our foster son.

And I allow the failure to wash over me like a tidal wave. I let it overtake me, telling me not only have I failed, but that I am a failure. And what have I done? I have fallen into self-righteousness, thinking something I do will make me worthy or approvable {yes, I like making up words}. I have forgotten Romans 5:6-8. 

6 For while we were still weak, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly. 7 For one will scarcely die for a righteous person—though perhaps for a good person one would dare even to die— 8 but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

I am a sinner. Christ died for me, a sinner, not because I was or am worthy, but because of His great love for me. And my keeping it together OR my failing has nothing to do with my acceptance by Him. 

“If you obey for a thousand years, you’re no more accepted than when you first believed; your acceptance is based on Christ’s righteousness and not yours.” -Paul Tripp, New Morning Mercies

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING makes me more thankful than this truth, when I let it sink down to my tippy toes and bask in the love He has for me.

And if you are having a difficult time making this truth reality in your life, think about these words from Elyse Fitzpatrick in her book, Because He Loves Me:

Jesus’ perfect record has become ours. Because God has accredited or imputed Jesus’ perfect obedience to you, when God looks upon you, he sees you as a person who

  • always does the things that are pleasing to Him;
  • is so focused on accomplishing His will and work that doing so is your daily food;
  • doesn’t seek your own will but seeks His will instead;
  • doesn’t seek to receive glory (praise, respect, worship) from others;
  • has always kept all his commandments;
  • lives in such a way that your life brings holiness to others;
  • loves others and lays down your life on a consistent basis;
  • lives in such a way that the people around you know that you love your heavenly Father more than anything else;
  • seeks to obey every command so that righteousness will be fulfilled.

In God’s opinion (the only one that matters!) that’s your record today. These truths out to astound us.”

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

I can barely see through my tears as I finish writing this. Ladies, this is OUR GOD. It makes this week’s memory verse that much more sweet to our souls:

Week 1 Memory Verse


Oh, I am so thankful to You, my God, my Lord, my Savior, my Righteousness. Thank You for loving and accepting me as I am. Thank You for demonstrating Your love for me, even and especially when I don’t deserve it. 

*Friends, I want to invite you to express your thankfulness to the Lord in the comments. Let’s fill up the comments with words of praise and gratitude to OUR GOD!*

All for Jesus,

joy signature

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The Lord, Our Rock

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I absolutely love that this Thanksgiving season we are looking to express gratitude to God not just for what he has given us, but for who he is and what he is like. Dear friends, this deeper understanding of God is what will drive our gratitude and lead us to become more thankful in all circumstances and for all things.

I don’t know about you, but every year I look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. But inevitably they leave me feeling stressed, and overwhelmed. The planning, cleaning, cooking, shopping, and decorating can easily rob me of joy and replace it with complaining. Add to that the many family members that descend onto our home (many of whom we only see during this time) and things can get tense. This is the perfect time of year to meditate on the truth that God is our rock–because isn’t that what we really need? A place of refuge during emotional storms and a strong footing when we just want to crumble.

A Place of Refuge

There are many days when I want to run and hide from all the craziness in my life. Do you ever feel that way? But curling up in a fetal position is not the answer. It will neither protect us nor provide us with strength.

he shields all who take refuge in him. Psalm 18:30

Our strength may impress some, but it will never be enough. God’s strength must become our strength.  This will only happen when we take refuge in him. But what does this mean? How do we take refuge in God?

The answer is found not in any new way, but in the old ways prescribed to us by God. We must wrap ourselves in his word  so that the Holy Spirit can use those words to comfort and heal us. And we must shower our days with prayer .  I don’t believe we truly understand the importance of prayer. If Jesus was so clearly dependent on his Heavenly Father in prayer, how much more must we cast ourselves upon his mercy and listening ear! We must take our cue from Jesus. Prayer is vital to our spiritual and emotional health and the means by which God is active in our lives. Without prayer we become isolated and alone in our battles, whatever they may be.

The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge,
my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.
Psalm 18:2

Christ my Rock

A Sure footing

Mountains do not move easily, and our God is mightier and stronger than even the biggest mountain. He cannot be moved and if we build our faith on him we are safe. Though satan may try to destroy us, our hearts will try to betray us, and the world will try to lead us away from God, our souls are kept safe atop this strong rock who is our God. So in the midst of uncertainty that we face during this holiday time, you can know that God does not waver, change, or move. He is your steadfast saviour, your calm place though the winds that swirl all around you. We can say with Chrysostom, “I stand upon a Rock, let the sea rage, the Rock cannot be disturbed.”
We will find strength the more confidently we stand upon this rock.

Let the verses for today lift your hearts and voices in praise of our good God, our solid rock.

For who is God besides the Lord?
And who is the Rock except our God?
It is God who arms me with strength
and keeps my way secure.
Psalm 18:31,32

Looking To Jesus,


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The TRUE Source of Gratitude {Don’t miss the beauty}…

Wheat field over cloudy sky

There’s a stretch of interstate that’s my favorite this time of year.

It’s a route we take often – the one with the gentle curve and the slightest incline that leads with nature’s gradual crescendo – and just as we round the last turn, the trees explode with the changing of the seasons. Reds, yellows, and fire-orange, just screaming His name in layer after layer of colorful hues.

“Don’t miss the beauty,” I tell them.

Those rowdy boys in back are too deep into loud talking and rock-paper-scissors to be bothered, but that spunky girl always finds a way to make sure they’re listening. “Boys!”

“Look up! Don’t miss the beauty…”

There’s a fine line between encourager and boss. Lord, channel that girl. Their eyes connect with mine in the rearview mirror, and we talk about how God gives us glimpses of His beauty at just the right time. Glimpses that remind us that He’s here and He’s good and He’s the giver and sustainer of all.

 “One generation will commend your works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts…”


Crisp, fallen leaves crunch under our tires as we pull into the driveway. What was beauty just five minutes before is now a reminder of the work that has to be finished before winter comes. That, plus there are groceries to unload and a million and one things to do inside; and on a time crunch at that – our house would be filled with guests soon. No longer a captive admirer of the gentle curves and inclines of the road, I’m now a mom on a mission.

While I rehearse my to-do list in my head, that girl of mine makes her way up the front walk… sorting leaves into their fall color categories, noting the character and beauty of each along the way. That’s how imaginative six year olds do life, you know.

Head down and up to my ears in produce, I hear her call out to me,

Look up, Mom. Don’t miss the beauty!”

And just five minutes off of that gratitude-filled interstate, I tell her to move that rock off to the side to where she found it before I stumble over it on my way to accomplish the urgent.

“They will speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty, and I will meditate on your wonderful works…”


“But it’s so they know, Mom,” her voice clearly frustrated, yet sincere.

“So who knows? So they know what?”

“So they know that we love Him.”  Who? All who were set to enter through the doors of our home that night.

That old rock – sloppily painted with chubby hands at Vacation Bible School and weathered by years of season changes – had suddenly become the message of her heart. Smack in the middle so you couldn’t miss it: JESUS… the Source of her gratitude. While I had spiraled into worry over cooking times and floors that desperately needed attention, she had continued in worship. While my head looked down to the tasks that seemed so urgent, her eyes looked up to the provision of a Savior.

And she didn’t miss the beauty.


The beauty that gratitude isn’t something that we practice only when it’s comfortable. But that He’s worthy of all that we are, in every season, because He is good.

The beauty that Jesus isn’t someone that we place to the side when we have better things to do. But that He’s before all things and in all things and holds us together moment by moment, because He gives great grace.

The beauty that Jesus isn’t only found once a week through heavy doors in a padded pew. But that He’s found in the colors and the leaves and in the very rocks that cry out His name.

Oh friend, do you see Him?

Look up!

Don’t miss the beauty of who Jesus is and what He’s done for you today.

Then display Him front and center, so that others might come to know the true, lasting Source of Gratitude because of the Beauty that lives in you.

“Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his.

He changes times and seasons; he sets up kings and deposes them.

He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.

He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness,

and light dwells with him. “

~ Daniel 2:20-22

 At His feet,

*LET’S TALK: What beauty can you stop and thank God for today? I’d love to hear your heart in the comment section below!

{Week 1} Challenge: “Every day this week, set your alarm thirty minutes earlier than your normal wake-up time. Purposely use this time to: 1. MEDITATE on God’s wonderful works (Psalm 145:5), 2. PRAISE God for what He has done (Psalm 145:1), then ask Him to give you opportunities to 3. TELL of His power (Psalm 145:6) in your interactions with others this week.”

W1 Challenge

{Week 1} Reading Plan:
Reading Plan Image W1

{Week 1} Memory Verse:

Week 1 Memory Verse

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{The Source of Gratitude} Translations Now Available!!

Wheat field over cloudy sky

One of our greatest joys at Love God Greatly is to connect with women from all over the world {ah, internet, you are a beautiful thing!}. And my, oh my, has God done some major connecting!

Did you know that Love God Greatly Online Bible Studies are in over seventy countries worldwide?

You read that right… SEVENTY.

We’re humbled and in awe of what God has done (only God!), and… we’re blessed beyond measure by a handful of incredible women who are helping to make this reach possible through their translations of our Bible study materials.

Angela and I Skyped several of our LGG translators recently, and let me just tell you, there is so much heart and hunger for God’s Word behind each one of these precious translations. These women had us laughing one minute – then praising God through tears of joy the next – as we listened to them share about their passion for God, His Word, and for the women they serve.  And that’s just scratching the surface; they represent countries full of amazing women just bursting at the seams to know God more through His Word!

{sigh}… Thanks, God.

So here we are, and my heart is full once again (didn’t I just say that last week?!).  It’s honestly more than full… it’s OVERFLOWING with praise and gratitude to God for the many doors HE has opened for us here at Love God Greatly  yet another session!!!  I humbly come before you today to announce that {The Source of Gratitude} study documents will be offered in TEN additional languages:











*Coming SOON!! Please check back as links will be activated when they become available!

Wow.  It’s almost too much to take in!!  When I think about women literally coming together as sisters in Christ, passionately seeking to know God more through His Word, I feel like I get a little glimpse of heaven.  A huge THANK YOU to the incredible women who have made these translations possible.  MUCH prayer, time, effort and sacrifice has gone into their labors of love, so that even MORE women are reached, inspired and encouraged by the LGG community, and most importantly, by studying the truth of God’s Word together!

Can you – or someone you know – benefit from {FREE} resources for {The Source of Gratitude} study in one of the languages listed above? Simply click on the link below to access {The Source of Gratitude} Reading Plans and Study Guides for the TEN translations offered this session:

Sing to the LORD, all the earth; proclaim his salvation day after day.

Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples.”

~ 1 Chronicles 16:23-24


Oh God, may Your glory fill the whole earth!

At His feet,

THERE’S STILL TIME to join us for our Fall Online Bible Study on {The Source of Gratitude}, but don’t wait long… our study starts on MONDAY! Grab some friends, and let’s do this! It wouldn’t be the same without YOU!!



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Source of Gratitude study files now available!

Gratitude Blog Header

In normal life we hardly realize how much more we receive than we give,
and life cannot be rich without such gratitude.” ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Oh friends,
We are so excited to release our new Source of Gratitude study files with you today!
As the upcoming holiday season approaches, we know that life can get a little crazy. We can’t think of a better time to make it a priority to stay in God’s Word, and focus on the source of gratitude!!
We know you need something do-able, so we’re keeping it simple around here.

• Commit to just two weeks, and we’ll provide a simple Reading Plan and Study Guide…all of the work is done for you!

No need to enroll for this short study… simply join us every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for our blog posts, challenges, encouragement and more!

Like always, our materials are {FREE} when you subscribe to the LGG blog. If you’ve already subscribed in a previous study, you’re good to go! You’ll find the links to our study materials at the bottom of each email you receive with each published blog post.

Looking to do something with your kids? We encourage you to follow LGG on Pinterest, where we’ll pin some fun and inspirational ideas for Thanksgiving-related activities for your kids!

• Have you been meaning to share LoveGodGreatly with a friend? Our upcoming Thanksgiving study is the PERFECT time to invite someone to check out what LoveGodGreatly is all about!

• You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

“I have learned that in every circumstance that comes my way, I can choose to respond in one of two ways: I can whine or I can worship! And I can’t worship without giving thanks. It just isn’t possible. When we choose the pathway of worship and giving thanks, especially in the midst of difficult circumstances, there is a fragrance, a radiance, that issues forth out of our lives to bless the Lord and others.”
~ Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Choosing Gratitude: Your Journey to Joy

Oh friends, we pray that you’ll join us for this exciting study, with hearts set on gratitude, ready to worship the source of every good gift!


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Thank you, and our {FREE PRINTABLE} gift for you!

Oh girls,

Our hearts are just plain full tonight.

These last eight weeks spent with YOU in the book of {Esther} have been nothing short of incredible.  It’s safe to say that we’ve laughed and cried with you, and just like you, we got honest with the work God needed to do in our hearts.  We’ve hung on every word of your stories celebrating victories and breakthroughs, and we’ve praised God again and again for revealing Himself throughout each chapter and verse. As we come to the end of our Love God Greatly {Esther Study}, we can taste God’s providence fresh and anew, and we pray that you can too.

So, thank you.

Thanks for your commitment to reading God’s Word with us, and for being vulnerable in the process.

Thanks to the hundreds of LGG Facilitators who led with such commitment and loving care.

And thanks be to our great God, who has faithfully and tenderly led us all the way.

As our way of saying “thank you,” we’ve created this {FREE PRINTABLE} for YOU!!

Let these words from Esther 4:14 be a reminder that you are a woman deeply loved by God, made for a purpose.

FREE Printable Bible Verse - Esther 4:14. "And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this? " #LoveGodGreatly #FreePrintable

*Thanks to Sunu from for creating our {FREE PRINTABLE}!!

Click here to download the free printable { PDF Version}

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*LET’S TALK: How has God used the LGG {Esther} study in YOUR life? Did any specific chapter or lesson stand out to you? What will you take away from this study and apply to your daily life? Let’s celebrate what God has done in the comments below!!

At His feet,

Our NEW upcoming study!   Join us for 'The Source of Gratitude,' from November 10th to November 21st!

Our NEW upcoming study!

When we think of thankfulness, we typically look to temporary things: our health, our family, the food on our table… All wonderful things to give thanks for! But the heart of gratitude should stem from a much deeper place…

Join us for ‘The Source of Gratitude,’ from November 10th to November 21st! During the first week of this study, we’ll take a closer look at who God is and what he has done. This will inspire us for the second week of our study, when we examine what our response should be.
Gratitude should permeate our lives each day of the year! When we glimpse of the greatness of God, our response of gratitude will follow.
We are so excited, and we can’t wait for you to join us!

Please note that there will be no formal enrollment for this study. Groups are not available unless you are already in one, but we invite you to study along with us here on the blog…or grab some friends to form your own group and study together. Either way works… the most important thing is getting into God’s Word!

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