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This past weekend I spent some time with my husband’s family in Ohio celebrating our daughter, Addie’s birthday, as well as the 4th of July…nothing in the world like being with family!

Good Morning

As I sit here on the plane heading back to Dallas, I can’t help but think over the conversations I shared with loved ones these past few days. For instance, my husband’s great Aunt Mary. She is a woman who has allowed God to flow through her as she has lived to serve those God has placed in her life. Though she and her husband, Uncle Andy, never had children of their own, she has been a second mother to her nieces and nephews. I always love seeing Aunt Mary because she is such a joy to be around. I know her life isn’t easy, that she misses her late husband, Andy, and now there are days when her body just doesn’t seem to move as fast as her mind. But I can tell you from the testimonies of her family, whom she has selflessly served all these years, she has made a great impact in their lives.

Good Morning

I love it that her sense of humor has lasted all these years…this weekend she was talking about Andy and how they never really argued much in their marriage, but every now and then Andy would complain about something she had done. She told me that she would reply as sweetly as she could, “Now Andy, you don’t want me to be perfect, dear. You know that Jesus comes and takes me home once I am!” Though her theology might be a little stretch….her humor made me laugh.

Aunt Mary is such a wise, soft spoken woman and I always look forward to hearing stories of her past, growing up in rural Kentucky and silently pray as I listen to her, “Please Lord, let me love life like Aunt Mary does when I’m in my 80’s.”

Because of the impact I know she has made in her family and those in her church and community, I was surprised to hear for the first time ever that she was doubting if her life has made any real impact. I think that is a fear a lot of us battle. If we aren’t doing the really “Big”things for Jesus, like traveling overseas to help orphans, adopting disadvantaged children, administering to the sick and feeding the hungry….does our sacrifices for the Lord really count?

Many Christians these days feel they have to do huge thing for God in order to make a real impact on our world. I beg to differ; God can use you mightily for His kingdom right where you are, with the people He has already placed in your life.- Angela Perritt, You Are Loved

I hope the story I share in this week’s video and in chapter 6 answer that question for you. I firmly believe God is doing, and has done a mighty work in many of your lives, and you are simply not aware of it just yet. Many times I believe you won’t know the impact you have made for the Kingdom of God until you get to heaven. We are told in 2nd Corinthians 5:7 that:

We live by faith, not by sight.

My prayer for this week is that God will encourage you through the stories we share in the video and in the book to know that we are all called to make a impact for Christ out of the love He has shown us. Some of us are blessed to see the impact Christ is making through our lives, and some of us will receive that blessing when we see Jesus face to face. But whether we see the blessing now, or if it is waiting for us in heaven, the fact that God has chosen to use you mightily in other peoples lives to positively impact His Kingdom for eternity doesn’t change.

You Are Loved: Chapter 6 Video….with my MOM!!! Eeek! You don’t want to miss this one!!!

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Sweet Friends,
I have had so many messages and emails from you about the 10 Gifts of Wisdom conference coming up. Because of your participation with Angela and me in our You Are Loved Book study and all of your wonderful comments, I would like to give away 10 Free Registrations to the e-conference. Just leave your entries in the Rafflecopter below and in the comment section, and I will announce the winners on Wednesday.
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Training in Wisdom gives us and our children the ability to walk every day with insight into God’s word and understanding of how to build a godly character every day of our lives.
Looking so forward to this conference next week. Thanks for your encouragement!






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Let’s Talk:
Answer this question below to be entered in this week’s giveaway: In what ways can you be obedient to God right now in the mundane tasks of your life?

Love God Greatly!

 Angela- Good Morning Girls





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  1. First of all, THANK YOU Sally for the chance! THANK YOU for your kindness!

    I can be obedient to God in the mundane of raising 3 small children by staying in God’s word even when I am EXHAUSTED (like right now…), by mustering every bit of PATIENCE that I can when dealing with my children (one of which has ADHD). I can post reminders in my home to NOT YELL at my kids knowing that, that is not how God wants me to display HIS love for them. And I can continue to confess my sins to Him and accept the GRACE and forgiveness, in order to push out guilt and shame and the voices that tell me I’m a bad mama.

    Thank you Good Morning Girls and Sally for this study! I know little by little, God is doing a work in my heart, and even though I stumble, I am getting closer to having true HOPE!

  2. I think you can be obedient to The Lord in the mundane tasks by showing up, giving them your best, asking Him to bless your work, and praising Him for what He gives you.

  3. I loved that video!!!!! I loved hearing from your mother! What a beautiful lady on the outside and as I heard her heart the beauty came from inside, too!!!! Like mother like daughter!!!

    So thankful for the ways the Lord is working in each if our lives. :) And incredibly thankful for GMG and the encouragement The Lord has given me through this ministry.


  4. I can be obedient by remembering that the Lord placed me right where I am and he wouldn’t call me to this place if he wasn’t going to equip me!

  5. I just love your story this week! It just gave me chills to hear about the Facebook request! I love hearing how God works in our lives…thank you for sharing!

    And it was such a treat to hear from Angela’s mom…what a beautiful person she is :)

  6. I can be obedient in this season of life that seems so difficult and doubt filled by remembering who God is and what He has done. Praying daily asking God what He would have me to do each day.

  7. I am learning right now to just be faithful where God has placed me. I don’t have to know what’s coming next. He will show me in His timing!

  8. Thanks for your kind gift, Ms. Sally. To answer your question, I can be obedience today by listening to the voice of God and how to guide and care for my husband and children.

    Peace to all.

  9. Amanda Geaney says:

    I see the mundane tasks in my life as little blessings. Truly! Laundry is less monotonous when I dwell on the treasures that fill the clothes. Farm chores that get done everyday like feeding the chickens and sheep or cleaning the chicken coop go easier when I thank God that the animals are healthy and fed. To sum it up…I choose joy! I make a concious effort to see God’s hand in everything.
    Thank you Jesus that I have a toilet to scrub because that means I have a roof over my head. AMEN

  10. Awesome chapter, Angela!!! I can be obedient by training, equipping, and loving my children as God has called me to. It can be hard, but it will be worth it in the end.

    Thank you Sally for the giveaway offer!!!!

  11. Thank you for this video. I recently had the same experience of seeing a friend give themselves to Jesus after 10 yrs of prayers and encouragement. At the time it seemed futile sometimes but seeing him baptized all those years suddenly of random acts of kindness became vital.

  12. I have so enjoyed this study. I have learned so much. I am new to my walk with God and I really trying to find my way and learn more and study more and this bible study has really opened my eyes to how incredible the love of Jesus really is. Thank you for sharing your book and stories and wisdom with us and allowing us to grow in Jesus. You are truly the hands and feet of God.

  13. I can be obedient by not allowing discouragement to set in. By pressing forward and doing what I know that He has called me to do. I can seek Him daily in Bible study and in prayer, so that I have the fuel to keep doing the next right thing.

  14. Personally I am finding I need to work on my obedience when it comes to developing character qualities. The Lord has been really working in my heart that I need to be more patient, gentle, and so forth. It really hit home for me though when I started to see my behavior reflected in my young children. I can’t ask them to behave differently if they are behaving in the same way they see me behave.

  15. I’m being obedient in the mundane of raising 2 kids 2 and under: lifting them up in prayer, surrounding them in grace, living in the light that God’s will is for my god and His glory. It’s not easy or exciting, but it is heart-filling work! Thank you for your ministry and this giveaway.

  16. I can be obedient in the everyday tasks by joyfully serving my family. Keeping a proper attitude and perspective about those mundane tasks – that I’m really serving Jesus, helps me.

  17. Nicole Konotopka says:

    As I sit and reflect about how to be obedient in the mundane, I realize I complain more that I should. Sure most of it goes on in my head and heart, but it still goes on and those times it’s so difficult to be joyful and love what I am doing. I am thankful the Lord has provided me with a helper and that the Holy Spirit helps to convict me of such things. I want to follow God, I want to do this day as if I work for the Lord, I know he loves me and wants the best for me so with all of those truths, I will speak them to myself again in about 20 minutes as I clean up breakfast….again. Being an example to my kids of joyfully serving in the mundane is probably the best life lesson I can train by example.

  18. Jessa Williams says:

    Perspective – knowing those mundane tasks are going to produce results of peace and less stress in my home helps me…(This is something God is still working in me). But, I’ve found when I neglect some matters that seem so mundane, it eventually creeps up on me and adds a level of anxiety & stress which affects my attitude in the home. This can also apply in my job/ministry work. It seems uneventful when doing these mundane tasks, but they are necessary and ultimately affect those tasks/duties that are maybe more impactful and more evident of some life. Sometimes the completion of the mundane tasks can be foundational to many attitudes & events that take place. To conclude, my perspective and the results they play in my living and those around me does affect my attitude and completion of the mundane. I also have learned that when you come as a servant, and do it unto Jesus, you are not looking for recognition, but there is a peace & joy that supernaturally takes place that frees you to do the mundane with a joy. (And, the added element of throwing in some fun with the mundane sure helps…blast that fun music OR turn it into a game, give myself a reward, etc. It sure helps :)). Thanks for letting me share and this opportunity for the giveaway.

  19. Belonging to God means that every task is His – part of His tapestry of life, woven for His purposes. That cup you wash, the face you wipe, everything done in His name is for Him and Him alone.

  20. I can be obedient in lovingly caring for my children in the day to day tasks that are set before me.

  21. Mundane is hard for me cause I get bored easily. FOr me to be obedient I have to remember that the small things/mundane are even more important for me to be obedient in so that he will trust me with things that aren’t mundane. It’s something me and my children are learning and striving through.

  22. Karen A says:

    I can be obedient in my life by doing all things for God’s glory. Working at even the mundane tasks with joy

  23. I can do the daily work before me, and be grateful to have a family to serve.

  24. Heather Howell says:

    When I remember that I work for the Lord, not men, it eases the pressure of what my mundane tasks have to look like for others. I pour my whole heart into them and use them as a time to pray for others. Big impact on my kids…they do their mundane tasks with a singing heart.

  25. I can be obedient in the way I live my life as a wife and mother.

  26. Ashley Jessup says:

    Thank you so much for this opportunity. Thank you, Sally, for your encouragement and words of such love and wisdom! You are truly being used for God’s Work.
    There are so many ways I can be obedient throughout my day as a mother, wife, and friend. The every day mundane tasks of being a mom, I sometimes forget to to stop and smell the roses. I so easily loose focus and forget the joys of having this privilege be able to stay home with my children and watch them grow in Christ. I can do things to help me not be so harshly spoken and more grace giving. I can better achieve this task by saturating my mind with God’s Word and memorizing scripture, and posting them throughout our home as a reminder for me.

  27. Heather says:

    I can be obedient by serving my family as I cook, clean, teach etc. with a cheerful and happy heart, not complaining or grumbling. Also, for those of us not into social media, could you possibly make somehow we could get more than 10 entries.

  28. Cassie D says:

    I am trying to follow God right now by being patient and WAITING for a His direction. I have a heart to help those in need and have done several different things in the past, but right now I’m in a season of waiting, (which is extremely hard for me since I am a planner and act on things quickly once a decision is in grasp).

  29. In what ways can you be obedient to God right now in the mundane tasks of your life?

    Last year, my husband was “let go” from his full-time ministry job (it was the institution’s poor leadership that allowed the finances to dip to a point where they could no longer afford to keep him). We are struggling to find another ministry where we can serve together as a family. My heart’s desire is to serve alongside my husband.

    As we walk this road, my “word” for the year has been SOVEREIGN. He is sovereign, so I don’t have to be. I don’t have to understand . . . I just have to trust.

  30. Crystal says:

    Thank you Sally and Angela for writing such an inspiring book. I have been going through a lot personally, and all of your personal stories throughout the book have truly been a blessing to me. It has come at the perfect time to lift me up and help me see the love Jesus has for me. Thank you for following His call to write You Are Loved so that you can be an encouragement to others. Also, thank you for the opportunity to enter the raffle for the conference ticket. You are both amazing ladies that are making a huge impact on God’s kingdom.

  31. Thank you SO much for speaking to this. So many talking about doing big things for God, when the “little” things are so important. BTW, I’m an adoptive mom, and I don’t see that as a “big” thing. It’s the way God chose to grow our family, nothing more, nothing less. I’m a wife and mom just like you; my kids just don’t look like me; that’s the only difference. Well that, and labor is much longer in adoption than in birthing a child :)

  32. Charlene says:

    Yes… it’s the little things in life that make the big things possible. Even if we are a part of big things, it takes small steps to accomplish the big things. And we can’t do them alone, either!

  33. How can I be obedient to God in the mundane tasks of life? There are so many ways, but the first is to be in contact with Him so that I know what He wants me to do – reading/studying my Bible and a constant attitude of prayer. I can also attack each task with a smile and a song to keep my attitude right. Then, when He speaks I will be in an attitude to not only hear but do.

  34. I loved the video!!! Your mom is beautiful and it made me cry- my oldest child is 27 now and my youngest daughter is 9. I was just imagining how god might use my children, as I watched your Mom hug you:)! Just loved that. I struggle very much with wondering what I was “meant” to do- and now, as I’m 46, I have sorrow that I need to figure it out! I’m feeling lately that I need to be joyful and stop struggling to make things happen… I think that is what God would like from me.

  35. Jen wylie says:

    Remaining in Him…by going to Jesus and walking with Him daily I will love more….Jesus is calling me to love Him as He loved His Father. Jesus is also calling me to love others as He loves. This is only going to happen by Remaining in Him. No worries about the circumstances and events of my life. Loving like Christ….that is all that matters.

  36. Cindra Huddleston says:

    I can continue to be obedient by following through with what God has asked me to do. I am a single Mom who works full time and I am also a caregiver to both my parents…..and my sweet Daddy just went home to be with Jesus and during this time my Mom was hospitalized with a variety of issues and still isn’t home (going on 5 weeks). I have been in a very unhealthy relationship with someone who portrayed himself to be someone he is not and God very clearly showed me that I was to end this relationship. It wasn’t easy because of everything I was going through with my parents….and it took me a bit to be obedient…..because all of the loss in my life was overwhelming (I also lost my sister 8 months ago to a brain aneurysm at 45 years old). But I OBEYED…..and God is proving to be so faithful…..when I am feeling overwhelmed by all I have to accomplish alone with taking care of arrangements for my Dad and sitting everyday with my Mom at the hospital with my girls, ministering to my nieces and nephews and brother in law….HE shows me in so many ways that I am NOT alone. He gives me strength, peace, wisdom, energy. I know that this is because I choose to obey Him…..everyday I make that choice and life with Him is SO worth it.

    To GOD be ALL the glory!

  37. Seeing things like dishes as opportunities to love my family rather than dreaded chores… changes my attitude as I’m doing them and it has helped our home be more joy filled.

  38. Samantha says:

    Ways I can be obedient to God right now in my life is to wake up early to have a quiet time. Be the best wife and mother I can be by being a encouraging wife and a mom that teaches her children about the Lord.

  39. Maritza says:

    I am so thankful for this opportunity and for participating in this bible study. I can be more obedient in the mundane by allowing God to work in my life and not try to take matters into my own hands. I am currently going through a divorce after 29+ years of marriage and I want this tragedy to be used for God’s glory. It has been a trying year with emotional ups and downs but my faith has grown stronger. I can be intentional in showing/witnessing to my children that God is in the midst of everything and He will not let go of us. God bless you ladies!

  40. larissa says:

    Being obedient to Gods word, sharing the gospel with people around me. My kids, my husband, my friends and even with people at church. God has place me wherever i am now so i can be a difference, so i can show His love to others. We can impact others life if we obey Gods word.

  41. I am loving this study first of all! This is my first time getting to know Sally, but, I really enjoy her and have heard wonderful things about her! I would love to win this! :) Thanks, Tamara

  42. Amber B. says:

    I can make sure that no matter how busy my days are, that I take at least a little bit of time and devote it to God. He’s always been there for me and the least I can do is to take time and praise him.

  43. To keep doing the mundane and be thankful that I can. God see’s even when no one else seems too :)

  44. Trish Moreno says:

    Quieting my mind and listening to what God is telling me is how I am obedient to God. I have trouble with this sometimes, but through continual prayer, study and focus – I am getting there!

  45. Crystal M says:

    I can be obedient to God in the mundane by being faithful & diligent to keep my home & care for my children instead of wasting time on facebook & such. :)

  46. Michelle says:

    I can be obedient by JOYFULLY serving him in each task – no matter how mundane, and being GRATEFUL in everything.

  47. Every action of everyday should reflect that I am a child of God. That all my thoughts and actions are led by him.

  48. I am a teacher any public school and I feel limited in what I can and can’t say. I am able to encourage and support my students and try to use opportunities to share with them. I pray for them and I am compassionate. I have wanted to serve in a Christian school or do counseling in a Christian environment but God has me there for a purpose. I don’t always see the evidence but am reminded that God is working even when I don’t see it.

    • I was in same situation three years ago. Trust me (or better, trust God) God is working through you. I have seen it. Christian teachers at a public school can make a world of difference by just living out their faith without saying a word about God. ‘Preach the Gospel, if neccesary, use words.’ Franciscus of Assisie.

  49. Thanks for the blog post, and for this book! It has been such an encouragement to me as I’m going through this study.
    The biggest way that God is showing me that I need to be obedient in my mundane daily tasks is by putting away distractions and really attending to my children as we go about our day. I am distracted mostly by my never-ending list of things to do, which are all good things, but are taking my focus away from loving and giving attention to the most precious people in my life. Thanks for giving tickets to your e-conference away!

  50. Bobbie Corrigan says:

    I can be obedient by being greatful for everything I can do, no matter how small.

  51. Krista denmark says:

    I can sit at my home and minister to my family. I can make a huge impact on them right where I sit. I can see a difference now that before and I know that God is absolutely in everything that we do. I a! Thankful for the blessing of this group and the amazing encouragement that comes from GMG. What a blessing.

  52. LINDSEY MORRIS says:

    I can be obedient by drowning out distractions and devoting more time to God and his word.

  53. Chrissy says:

    I can be obedient in my daily tasks by remembering that everything I do if for the Lord and when I remember that, I find joy in all I have to do.

  54. Melissa says:

    Thank you for this great message. I love how your Mom tells you she is proud of you at the end of the video. How sweet!
    One way I can be obedient to God each day happens when I walk to the mailbox down the street. I make sure to say hello to everyone I see. I want God’s glory to shine through me. So, I give a big smile and a big wave and say “Hello, how are you today?”

  55. As always, the posts here are timely and meant for the instruction of our hearts in the ways of the Lord. God bless you girls!

  56. First I wanna say thank you for all you do and what a great video getting to hear from your mom :)
    Today I am gonna choose to serve my family with a grateful heart filled with joy even in the mundane :)

  57. sara karr says:

    oh how I would love to win this I just love Sally and all her wisdom and understanding and her e courses that she has done so far and know that this one like the rest would be such a blessing to me and my family So glad that God has used Sally in the ways that she has she is such a gift and blessing thank you Sally for sharing all you do with us sweet mom’s

  58. sara karr says:

    just had to re correct my email addresss from previous comment

  59. I am loving your You Are Loved! book and would love to learn more from you.

  60. I can enjoy the journey WITH HIM, remembering to put Jesus first in all that I do and then all other will be added. It is SO much easier when I truly make Him the priority. Thank you for the giveaway!! :)

  61. I can be obedient by loving those God has placed in my life even when I’m tired and frustrated and just need a little time to myself.

  62. Jessica says:

    I think I can be obedient in being content in each day. Far too often I am looking for that time when things will be “better”, or different than they are now. I need to be content with now and live fully now. Otherwise I am not giving these tasks my full efforts!

  63. Denise Williams says:

    God has been testing me these last 18 months since we had to put my mother in a nursing home for ALZ. I often thought about my actions and how I was handling mom not being there for me as she always was.

    Now I have had the opportunity to see what his plans were. A dear friend of mine is facing the same things that we had to face and going through the legal systems, government agencies and such. Knowing that I have been there and done that I can assist her the best of my abilities and she has told me she admired my strength through that journey.

    I assured her it was not my strength but Our Lord’s that got me through – even when I question him as to why my mother was afflicted with this horrible disease. My mom was (and still is) my best friend only she doesn’t know me as her daughter and I can’t talk with her like we used to.

    Thanks for everything you do – your emails are a bright spot to my day.

  64. Trusting in the path He is guiding me in

  65. Thank you so much for this giveaway!

    Thank you for this profoundly wonderful Bible study. It has truly changed me. I look forward to each morning and knowing I will be able to delve into God’s word through this study.

    I can be obedient to God in the mundane things by trusting Him, spending quality time with Him, and adoring Him.

    Thanks again!

  66. Charity says:

    Lots of ways! But one way is by respecting my husband, which is clearly in obedience to God.

  67. Ashley nIX says:

    I can try not to complain or get upset that I feel like I am doing more than my husband who works so very hard for our family! I want to do my tasks with joy, and the Lord will give me strength. I love Sally Clarkson! It is because of her that my whole view of motherhood has changed. Thank you for all you are doing!

  68. Stephanie K says:

    What a great giveaway! Thank you!!

    I can be obedient in the mundane by living out each day with intentionality and integrity instead of allowing the day to slip by with only a half effort given. By choosing to serve to my greatest ability with the purpose of bringing glory to God, and focusing on that, even if my particular service at the moment is changing a dirty diaper or washing yet another dish! I can show obedience by doing these things with a thankful heart, a joyful heart, and gladness that the Lord has put me here and given me this opportunity to spend so much time with my family, loving on my children, and caring for the home.

  69. Krystal says:

    I need to remember to put my faith in God – even with the little things. I have a hard time of trying to do it all by myself…

  70. ANGELUE says:

    I have been trying to sell our gently used baby clothes to second hand children’s stores, on Facebook, etc. to make extra money for a little vacation. This morning I heard the Lord in the last few moments of my morning slumber tell me to donate the baby items to our local pregnancy center. They were closed today, but first thing tomorrow the girls and I are off to make our donation with joyful hearts that delight in obeying God! :)

  71. Jessica Jacobs says:

    Thank you, Sally, for this opportunity to win a “ticket” to your course! I can be obedient to God in the mundane tasks of life by choosing to see things through His eyes instead of my own (perspective), having a good attitude instead of pouting/grumbling/or shutting down, and by serving instead of demanding to be served. My husband and I have a 2-year old and I am taking advantage of the summer break – (I am an elementary school teacher part-time during the school year)- to potty train. Oh boy. Patience and perspective. Additionally, my husband works about 45-55 hours each week AND is in school finishing his bachelor’s degree. In rational moments I am completely supportive and encouraging – emotionally and physically, though, I really miss him and must really confuse him when I cry or am irritable that he is away so much! My obedience in these times is to not withdraw affection or loving acts of service like making him meals even though I may not be eating them with him. Also, we just started foster/adopt classes for the next 10 weeks to become licensed, then certified to continue to grow our family through adoption. Meanwhile, we are building a relationship with an infant we may have the opportunity to adopt. Though anything but mundane, I find myself having to (or fighting to) surrender again and again throughout each day as I deal anew with grief over infertility, anger at “The System”, and then trying to choose humility and teachability, gratitude and graciousness, laying down anger and pride, as we jump through hoops most people do not have to experience as they grow their own families. I struggle, every day, to be obedient – because I am bull-headed and proud, impatient and restless. I find my hope and joy and the strength to not just endure but enjoy the mundane moments, ~like sitting on the bathroom floor reading book after book to my daughter waiting for her to potty, packing my busy husband’s lunch, finding creative ways to connect with him throughout the day, loving on an infant that may never be “mine”, ~by reading His Word each morning and writing out a prayer journal, and by walking or running. Something about being in His Presence while moving outdoors helps me settle down and choose to focus on Him and my own surrender throughout the remainder of the day. Blessings, Jessica

  72. Loved seeing your sweet mama on here. The main thing I need to focus on that no matter what I am doing, I need to do all to His glory.

  73. I can choose to believe what God says about whit I am and what he is doing through me.

  74. Sarah S says:

    By praying, being in His word and striving to follow hard after Him in everything…even the mundane. Especially the mundane!

  75. Kim watkins says:

    I’m parenting solo this month while my husband is away for training. I can choose to seek joy and be hopeful despite fatigue from parenting a 3-year-old and a baby on my own. This can be a very tangible, physical act of worship this month!

  76. I can be obedient by finding joy in the mundane and giving thanks for them. And when they are exhausting and overwhelming, then I need only to “Stand” (Eph. 6).

  77. Linda Deleon says:

    Thank you

  78. I can be obedient by doing my best…putting aside laziness and doin all for the glory of God. Particularly spending time with my children intentionally and keeping my home, even in the midst of exhausting pregnancy and hot weather!!

  79. Megan stark says:

    I can be obedient by serving my family without complaining or feeling sorry for myself for all the things that need to get done. Follow through with practical ways to help others that God has placed in my life. Be open and vulnerable about everyday life in a way that points others to God.

  80. I can be obedient by just continuing to put God first place in my life. Also, to keep my joy in doing the day to day routine things that sometimes can cause me to be overwhelmed or grouchy. Thank you so much for this book!. It has been a true blessing!

  81. By realizing even the mundane can be important!

  82. tiffany m says:

    Thank you so much for the offer. I am learning so much from the You are loved book. I would love to learn even more from the conference. God is great all the time, all the time God is great!

  83. Brandye says:

    I think we can be obedient to God in the mundane tasks by being open and available to the nudgings if the Holy Spirit. There are so many opportunities to minister to those around us, but we are afraid of offending people. Sometimes quoting scripture is not what God is asking you to do, so listen and be open to the different ways you can demonstrate His love to others.

  84. Julie W says:

    I can be faithful to God in the mundane of daily life by choosing to honor and respect my husband more (less pride on my part), asking God for patience to not yell and get angry with my three kids, and sharing about Jesus with my neighbors who have never heard of him before.

  85. Through this week’s study I’m learning that being obedient in the little, daily things also includes staying humble, so that I can point to Him and give Him all the glory for what He does through me!

  86. Thank you!
    This is such a beautiful little book with such big impact. I nee to share the 1st quote that took my breath away,
    “God’s Word is not just for our information, it is for our transformation.”
    I recently surprised my bussiness partner and painted the quote in our office where only the two of us could see. Our goal is to help other’s as we serve God and in turn, the two of us are being transformed daily!
    A little testimony…{I have many big ones to share as well :)} :
    recently our 15 year old Hot Water Heater blew out from the bottom and we suddenly had 40 gallons of water instantly flood the laundry room, kitchen, hallway, and restroom. For two nights I stayed up with a shop vac because the pipeline valve broke off, that shuts down the water. It’s the 4th of July weekend and we can’t find help. The insurances adjuster came in and rudely stated that the damage was larger than it looks, so it was negligence on my 75year old mother, and therefore it is not covered, even though we have full coverage on the house.
    I could hear my mother cry in the middle of the night. My mother is not one to cry, she serves God as the rock in our home and in her wisdom does not panic.
    I once again got up to siphon the water and my mother asked if she could get me anything? I thanked her and told her I was okay. Then my mother said, “I’m concerned that you have not had time to sit in your prayer spot.” I smiled and said, “I’ve been praying consistently in conversation with the Lord all this time.” Then asked,”Did you received an answer?” I smiled and said, I think I just did!”
    I began asking a series of questions as to who and when did the gas company came to check that water heater when I smelled gas, the Plummer checked the washer and the contractor put a joyce in the basement. ..all in the passed 6months and never saw a thing!
    Mom smiled and yelled in joy, “God did answer you!”…I will get the receipts and call everyone to see if they could provide a statement.
    After we had the contractor return with the plummer, we found a slow leak that followed the pipeline ubder the craw space that was never visible unless you were looking for it….We serve an awesome GOD!
    This book has taught me wisdom through patients and Faith to have the patience I needed to wait on Gods word because we are loved and never left alone.
    God Bless you all! Thanks again!

  87. Heidi leno says:

    I can be obedient to God in the everyday mundane of my life by being the best wife and mum I can be and showing the love and grace that God gives me to my husband and children. To get into His Word everyday, to talk to him everyday no matter what I’m doing, to go to him first in everything that I go though.

  88. Lisa V. says:

    In the mundane tasks I simply remember that I am serving my family and this is obedience to God. I also do it with thankfulness and not grumbling. It works (almost!) all the time. God bless!

  89. He sees me always. Stop and focus on Him when I am feeling like what I do doesn’t matter, in those everyday mundane tasks. What I am doing is important, because He called me to it. I must hold the lies of the enemy captive at all times!

  90. Stephanie Wehrman says:

    I did not even realize this conference existed! So grateful to hear about it! Thanks!

  91. Stephanie wehrman says:

    I can be obedient to serve my family well, and speak gently while correcting my kids!

  92. Doing your best without complaint.

  93. Jill dennis says:

    The ways I can be obedient to God right now in the mundane tasks of my life is to remember to listen more than I speak, remember to pray without ceasing, to love my neighbor that way God loves me, and to show others the same grace that has been given to me.

  94. Tracy Fisher says:

    I can be obedient by responding WITHOUT HESITATION to that small quiet voice inside me.

  95. I have found that just Smiling helps! :)

  96. Julie W says:

    I just want to add that everyone, even missionaries or others who might be mistakenly elevated to a higher plane of spiritual superiority, has a “daily mundane” to deal with! Thanks for reminding me, Angela, to value and take care of those closest to me first.

  97. I can be obedient to God right now in the mundane task of like by remember I am where I am cause he wants me here. I always would question why this, why not something grander? I need to be obedient by being STILL!

  98. I would love to win! I think so highly of you Sally! I pray to be Follow God!

  99. Whitney says:

    By giving thanks in ALL circumstances

  100. Lori S. says:

    I can be obedient by doing the mundane tasks with joy instead of resentment!

  101. I don’t like scrubbing toilets or picking up a million toys, socks, or crayons everyday, but I know it’s a blessing to have a family to do these things for. It’s not glamorous work, but it is work that glorifies the Kingdom of God. That’s what it’s all about.

  102. First off I would like to say wonderful blog! I had a quick
    question in which I’d like to ask if you don’t mind.
    I was curious to find out how you center yourself and
    clear your head prior to writing. I have had a difficult time clearing my thoughts in getting my ideas
    out there. I do enjoy writing but it just seems
    like the first 10 to 15 minutes are usually wasted just trying to figure out how to begin. Any
    recommendations or hints? Thank you!


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