We Are Known By How We Love…


We are known by how we love.

Love is more than warm, fuzzy feelings; it is an attitude that shows itself through our actions. I know that because daily I work on teaching my three daughters to love each other…even when they don’t feel like it…or should I say, especially when they don’t feel like it. Loving others well doesn’t come natural to us. It’s hard because by nature we are sinful and want life to happen our way, on our terms.

But that’s not how Jesus commands us to live our lives. He commands us to love one another the same way He loves us…with a sacrificial love. A love that is willing to go the extra mile and pay a higher price. A love that even though it hurts, does it anyway. A love that is not just words, but words that are wrapped in actions.

Love is an obedient choice. When you choose to love others, that is the moment you are most like Jesus.
love heals relationships
love is a salve to wounds
love is the beginning of friendship
love initiates
love inspires others
love comforts                                 -Sally Clarkson

So how can we love others as Jesus loves us and participate in the kingdom work to which we are called? By loving others when its hard, when it costs us something, when it’s not convenient. By choosing to be loving even when we are wronged, misunderstood and rejected.

This love we are to be known by can not come from our broken, sin-stained hearts, but rather from the One who has the power to heal and cleanse broken, sinful hearts and make them beat again for His glory. The love must come from the One who fills our heart with it. That is what separates us from the rest of the world when we choose to love despite our feelings, and allow God to supernaturally work through us. This is the love that will testify to God’s working in our lives.

Believe me, I know that loving others well is hard. I struggle with it in my own life as friends and family members have hurt me through the years. I think learning to love others well develops with time, age and realizing our own need for God’s love and grace because of our sin. One nugget of truth I’m recently learning is that loving the way Jesus calls us to can only be done when we seek Him first for that love. Jesus is the source of the love that fills our hearts and overflows into our family and friend’s lives.

Loving well is our Kingdom work. Its a work that is so powerful because it turns what is invisible and makes it tangible. When we love the way Jesus commands us to, it changes us from the inside out and helps others see God through us.

We are the gospel message many will read. Our acts of kindness and thoughtfulness will open hearts to His love because others will imagine a God who is good because they have seen His goodness expressed toward them through our own lives.- Sally Clarkson

Who in your life loves the way Jesus commands us to do? How have you seen them love with the love only God can give?


Love God Greatly!

Angela- Good Morning Girls

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  1. This –> “Loving others well doesn’t come natural to us. It’s hard because by nature we are sinful and want life to happen our way, on our terms.” So true! Funny how He commands us to do the very impossible thing we can do – on our own. But in Christ, all things are possible! My husband has lived this out in front of me more than he even knows. Not just with me, but with others. He loves, in-spite of gossips gossiping about him, judgementals creating their own {false} ideas about him, or even hard times fall upon us. With me, he’s so forgiving, even when I feel as if I am unforgivable.
    Great post Angela!

    • Ohhh sweet Marlene!!! Your husband sounds wonderful! What a blessing it is to have people in our lives who live their faith out….even when its hard to do! Thank YOU for your encouragement today!:)

  2. Love…..about 2 weeks ago my husband and I dealt with a very very difficult…very very hurtful situation with our 21 year old son. I won’t go into detail as it’s not really relevant. It was rebellion towards God and he knew it. Anyway, my son approached me and talked with me first as my husband was at work at the time. Even though I was calm I wasn’t very loving. I was so hurt…hurt beyond words….I was rash and I told him to pack his things and leave. Telling him that hurt my heart more than his confession did! I had so many emotions running through me and that was the problem, I allowed my emotions to rule over anything else. It was wrong. My husband was driving home from work and found our son walking down the road with his belongings. He stopped, picked him up and brought him home. I wasn’t happy to see him back but I knew my husband could work through all the pain and sorrow so I submitted to my husband’s lead. We closed ourselves in our bedroom, my husband prayed and then we moved forward. We talked and cried for hours and when it was all said and done it was my husband’s love for our son that won out. Our son fell to his knees crying and prayed one of the most awesome salvation prayers we’ve ever heard! It was so beautiful and came from his heart. Later my husband said he wished he had recorded it. We had felt our son falling away from God for some time but didn’t know what to do. We would talk with him from time to time and pray for him but what else could be done…he’s 21 years old. We had always prayed that he would be able to have a true life altering experience with God but we never saw it happening this way! My husband chose love when I could not. What I saw unfold that night is something I will never forget……the tremendous love of a father for his son. Had my husband chosen to be like me our son would be out there in the world somewhere without a compass, without a guide, without love and ultimately without salvation. Ladies, I can’t even begin to tell you the numerous lessons I have learned through this situation that I will carry with me into eternity! My husband and I have talked a couple of times since and he has told me a couple of times that his reaction came from God because there is no way he would’ve been capable of that in his flesh. He was hurt as well however he just knew there had to be another way. I am so very happy my husband didn’t allow my emotions to ruin what turned out to be a very beautiful thing. God is so good, God is so faithful! I praise God for my loving and level headed husband. What was meant to harm God meant for good. I want to be known by how I love and you can bet this situation has changed me forever. It’s important that I walk in the love that God has for all of us no matter our short comings!
    Our son is home with us and doing better and developing his walk with God daily. We wouldn’t have it any other way! Praise God!

  3. Ohhh praise the Lord, Phoebe!! Your story brought tears to my eyes! I am so thankful and encouraged by your testimony of how powerfully our Lord worked in your lives through this heartbreaking situation!!! I love this quote from you, “What was meant to harm, God meant for good.” Amen, sweet sister!!!

  4. I have been trying to find a place to email or send a comment but do not see an email address. I just wanted to say how disappointed I am in all this mess with Good Morning Girls. I don’t know the situation and what all happened. I know there are always 2 sides to every story. But I will say it sure seems like a lot of dishonest and unkind things have been done on the part of the leaders of this “ministry”. Even items in your letter posted today are not true. When you are a leader there are much greater expectations placed on you. It will be very hard to ever see past the lies and unkind, unloving behavior. Very disappointed!!!!

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