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There are a lot of things that Children are not strong enough to do. They even lack strength and stamina to sometimes do the jobs that, as parents, we find very easy. My youngest, for example, thinks that picking up legos is the hardest job in the word. He is not shy about telling me that it is too hard, or he is too tired, or his arms hurt too much for him to get the job done. But I know what he is capable of, I know that if he perseveres he can do it, and if the job is too big I will come alongside and help.

We often feel the same way with the mission God sends us on and the jobs he calls us to fulfill. THere may be many things in life which we feel ill equipped to handle and yet God calls us to obey and follow him anyway.

And yet he isn’t some harsh task master who delights in our weaknesses and cracks the whip on our backs if we fail or stumble. He is our loving God who has made us and knows exactly what we can and cannot handle. And when we are faced with difficulties and jobs we don’t think we can do our Creator is at our side making his grace known in our lives and working his power through our weakness.

So how can we  have this power working in our life, through our struggles?

It happens by faith.

1. Believe by faith

It is by faith that we must trust that God is good and knows what he is doing. It is through faith that we must tackle our jobs and believe that He will work through our, sometimes, feeble attempts of obedience. He doesn’t always give us easy circumstance but he only places those things in our lives which will bring us greater holiness and more dependance on him. It is by faith that we must believe that in God’s kingdom there are no insignificant people or jobs. Therefore, making dinner, doing laundry, running errand and training little ones are important.

2. Pray with faith

We must pray with faith. When we come to God with our struggles and afflictions, when we feel overwhelmed and inadequate than we must believe that God will act.

“Prayer is a salve for every sore, a remedy for every malady”
Matthew Henry Commentary on 2. Corinthians

When we pray we are admitting that we can’t do it on our own, When we tell him how we feel and when we ask him to work in us we must believe that he will use us for his glory!

3. Work by faith

When God gives us a job we must obey in faith. We may not understand it all, we may feel unprepared for the task ahead of us, but we must have a courageous heart and work with all our might for the glory of God. This may be raising children to the best of our abilities not knowing what impact they may on others in the future.

Faithfulness not only glorifies God but it also causes us to grow because we will see God at work in and through us.

How beautiful to read the story of the conversion of Angela’s mother because of the faithfulness of a little girl. That family has no idea the impact that saved soul would have on her own family and on the world.

We tend to think too little of the power of God. Yet, in his love, he offers to us the great power that can make us bold for Christ, strong under persecution and persevere through any task God gives to us. On our own we will be fearful and overwhelmed and maybe even quit altogether. Instead, let’s ask Christ to use his power in our lives  in ways that we can never imagined.

Looking To Jesus,

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  1. Jen, I just love how God speaks through you!!! You are such a blessing to us here at GMG!! Thank you for using your special gift to help us understand God’s Word and learn how to apply it to our lives!!! I LOVED your post today!!!

  2. This is really well said. Thank you for taking the time to compose this post!


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