Because He extends love and grace…

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“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no records of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

As a little girl, I remember learning the above verse and being told to put my name in where the word “love” is listed instead. For example:

“Angela is patient, Angela is kind. She does not envy, she does not boast, she is not proud…” Yeah, applying scripture like that and making it personal can well…make one a little uncomfortable. Am I all those things? Do I love like that? Sadly, the answer is “no.” I’m not always patient…especially when I’m running late and trying to get my 3 girls out the door in time. How about the “keeping no record of wrongs?” Yeah….just ask my husband…I struggle in that area too.

Sally and I end our book: You Are Loved with a challenge…now go and do likewise! Love others like God loves you.

“God is patient, God is kind. He does not envy, He does not boast, He is not proud…”

Now that we have a deeper understanding of how dearly loved we are by God, He challenges us to live lives that are stained with His love for others to see. God’s love should change us, transform us and make us stand out from the world. We are called to love differently. We love when it hurts. We choose to keep no record of wrongs even though our mind makes it hard to forget. We choose to be kind even though the person hasn’t been kind back. We choose to trust, have hope and persevere even when it’s hard and we’d rather throw in the towel and give up. We choose love instead.

God’s love is what colors our life differently. People see it in the way we smile at them. In how we choose to respond to criticism and how we trust God in all things. They see it in the hope that we have at the doctor’s office despite the report, or when we choose to hold our tongue even though we have a great comeback ready to launch at a moments notice. They see it in the patience we extend to our children, husband and friends even though we are feeling anything but patient at the time. We realize we are not perfect, we have our flaws, our short comings…yet despite all of that, God still chooses to love us.

We extend love and grace because love and grace have been extended to us.

“How you live your life today in choosing to love others will determine the way your children, non-Christians, your family, and friends learn what God’s love is like. To leave a legacy of love is to leave a fragrance of His love wherever you go.”- Sally Clarkson

Sweet friends, may the beautiful fragrance of your love fill your homes, hearts and lives today! Who do you need to reach out to with the love of God?

“…the more I humble myself to love others no matter what, the more my love and worship of God has grown because I realize how much it cost Him to be humble and give to a totally rebellious and ungrateful world. Practicing love increases your love for God.”- Sally Clarkson


Sweet friends, thank YOU so much for joining us this summer as we read You Are Loved! I pray God spoke directly to your heart as you read the book and assigned daily verses. May His love transform you from the inside out! You are truly LOVED!

Love God Greatly!

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  1. I must admit that I have struggled in this final week with so many mixed emotions, knowing that this is the last week of this study. I have been enjoying it so much and have so looked forward to the emails on Mon., Wed., and Fri. The time spent in the scripture and in prayer have ministered to and challenged me. The 8 weeks have flown by. Thank you so much for putting this into print and for sharing and encouraging the use of the S.O. A.P. method. I loved using it and found it to be thought provoking and personalized God’s word for my life in such a refreshing way. I am so thankful to have found this study and will continue to apply the truths that I have learned through doing it with you. Thank you again.

    • Ohhh I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed it, Carla! Our fall study will be announced very soon so stay tuned!!:)

  2. Jeanne Tucker says:

    Lord hear our prayers to be more like you! More forgiving, have more patience, more compassionate, more serving, and helping of our brothers and sisters in need. Lord help us to leave the legacy of ultimate love that you have given to each of us. Amen

  3. You’re so awesome! I do not think I’ve truly read something like this
    before. So nice to find somebody with some unique thoughts on this
    issue. Really.. thanks for starting this up. This web site is something
    that is needed on the web, someone with a bit of originality!

  4. I am sorry to hear about all the issues between Courtney, WLW and GMG ministry. I feel a little be disappointed though that both sides have felt the need to air all the dirty laundry over the internet. It makes me question the maturity and integrity of both of these ministries. I’ve gotten so much out of both WLW and GMG but with all the disunity, back lashing and unwillingness to handle these issues privately I am questioning whether these are people I want to be mentored and taught by. I understand that you have made you amade ll have efforts to contact each other and I’m not sure why Christian leaders are not working this out between each other as the bible outlines. I don’t know every detail, nor do I want to, so I can’t judge either side. I just wish that all of the followers on both sides weren’t getting drug through these issues and weren’t having to pick sides. I think at this point I am not going to do any study with WLW, GMG or LGG. I don’t want to pick sides or get distracted in my walk with God by all the issues between these sites and their leaders. I do appreciate both ministries but think its time for me to pull out.

  5. I have to agree with Hannah. I don’t know what all is going on…and I don’t want to know. I think this whole thing is very distracting. I want to continue to study God’s Word with the small group that I have been studying with (a lot of whom I knew before I started studying with them) But I refuse to take sides or to engage in any dialog (either my reading or writing) on the GMG/LGG problem. I feel that Satan is really at work here and I pray that he will not be sucessful. Angela, both you AND Courtney are in my prayers.

    • Setting aside “ownership” and pride and differences and pursuing reconciliation and friendship through a sincere love for each other would be the best witness at this time and most glorifying to God – way beyond the sum total of ALL the studies past, present and future. Praying everyone involved will see Hi first in order to NOT allow satan to have a victory in this…so many people – esp young or new Christians – are witness to this trial of faith. Love you all.

      • *seek Him (sticky keys!)
        Remember, when you are truly in the service of the Lord – in His army – you are in the crosshairs of satan.

      • But the community needed to know what on earth is going on. Both “sides” have now given explanation.

        Angela was not willing to meet with Courtney – twice – privately to reconcile per Courtney’s request when it could have remained a private matter. Then Angela chose to change the name and had block Courtney from access to the ministry Courtney started??? That, to me needed some public explanation and followers needed to be made aware of such in order to discern where, if anywhere, we want to participate in the future.

        Courtney’s current follow up “walk thru” on the matter with Angela’s earlier “walk thru” that is no longer available publicly enables followers to make a decision.

        I personally feel Angela is the root of the problem and should repent and apologize to Courtney and to Good Morning Girls followers – even if there is never a complete reconciliation. Leave GMG entirely alone and move on to start your own LGG, rather than appear to be hijacking a ministry and THEN changing the name so you can have the followers. That seems very underhanded and definitely not how God would lead.

        Others may think she is in the right. But we need the ability to decide for ourselves if we want to “follow” anyone going forward from here. It can’t be swept under the carpet.

        I would rather know the truth when all of a sudden a new name pops up. Why? What is the real motive? What has been happening behind the sunshiny “look what God is doing” scenes. If I am entrusting part of my spiritual growth to a mentor, I want to know that mentor’s heart and motives are in line with the Leader we are all called to follow. LGG leadership has revealed that they are not the mentor for me. I do hope though that eventually the mess can be resolved in a way that gives God glory and humans peace.

  6. I’m sad, absolutely SAD! Angela, I cannot, in good conscience, be mentored by you or “your” ministry. I feel the strain of the enemy lurking. PLEASE, do not allow your friendship to take a backseat. You are to store up your treasures in heaven, and battling for online “ownership” of an entity, to the detriment of a precious, Godly friendship, is not where your treasure should lie. I have loved learning from both of you, but this is so distressing for your fellow sisters in Christ. Reconciliation is the only righteous solution.

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