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sally and team

Hey sweet friends!!

This past weekend Jen, Whitney and I had the AMAZING privilege of spending the whole weekend at Sally Clarkson’s house! In true Sally form, she treated us with candles, tea times and delicious meals. Over the course of four days, she poured years of wisdom into our lives and we are forever changed and challenged to live our lives surrendered and intentional for our Lord!

During our weekend together, we thought it would be fun to make a personal video for YOU…..because we love you so!

Hope you enjoy it!

 (Click here if you can’t see the video)


Love God Greatly!

Angela- Good Morning Girls





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Special Video From Angela & Sally
#You Are Loved- Available for FREE in 7 translations!

Week 1- He Calls Us Beloved
Monday- Let’s Get Started
Wednesday- You Are Not Alone
Friday-We Are Loved!

Week 2- Knowing God
Monday- Chapter 2: Knowing God
Wednesday- He Gives Us a Heart to Know Him
Friday-Knowing God: When Doubt Comes…

Week 3-The Rival
Monday- Chapter 3: The Rival




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  1. I LOVED hearing and seeing all y’all together!! (Courtney will forever be missed!!). I sat here with tears in my eyes as I listened to each of you share. Thankful for what the Lord is doing in each of your lives!!!


    PS- Any chance y’all will share pics from your time at Sally’s? I’d love to see how she spoiled y’all!!

    • Hi Shari!!

      Ohhh we had a wonderful time together last weekend! And yes, Courtney was truly missed!!! :) Thank you so much for joining us on this amazing journey….we absolutely love having you be apart of it with us!:)

  2. Melissa says:

    What a wonderful blessing to see this video and hear the ladies speak so personally to us! Thank you so much for the personal touches to this Bible Study. Thank you for sharing your hearts and praying for us. God Bless You all.

  3. Thank you sooooooo much for this video and for this study!!! This is my first study with GMG’s and I am SOOOOO thankful I was lead to your blog and especially to this study. It has already changed me and brought me closer to God. You all are such a blessing and I feel so special to be able to join in this community. I’ve done another online study but it never felt personal; but this one does feels and you all make it that way! Thank you!!! :-) {And I second Shari’s request for pictures of your special weekend!! :-)}

    • Ohhh thank you, Lauren!!! We so want our studies to feel personal and warm so I appreciate you sharing that with me!!!:) And now what I know you’d like to see more pictures, I’ll try to get those together for you!:)

  4. I loved listening to y’all!! So thankful for your obedience. Unimaginable things are possible when we obey God.

    • Heather,
      Thank you for dropping by, we so appreciate you.

      Martha ‘Leadership Encourager’

  5. Thank you so much for being obedient! This topic is one I’ve been struggling with and working through for awhile, but more intentionally over the past eight months or so. What amazing timing! As I meet with one friend and am mentored by another, this is the thing that we’re all wrestling with day after day. Thank you, thank you for sharing your lives and experiences with us and making us feel likecwe aren’t

    • Kelly,
      Thank you for joining us and sharing your heart. So glad to hear you have been working through this for the past 8 months or so! Amazing timing indeed!
      Martha ‘Leadership Encourager’

  6. I am so glad my mentor introduced me to your blog! I have done other studies but this one really encourages me and feels so personal. Thank you for sharing yourselves, your time, your hearts for God. I have been struggling with knowing who I am and what God wants from and for me. This study is helping me just rest in him, maybe just maybe I need a season of rest and his unconditional love. Bless you all!!

    • Yayyy! Happy you’re joining us! I agree, these wonderful women make you feel so connected with them. It’s such a blessing and such a huge encouragement to see so many hearts come together for His purpose, and pour their love into this ministry. Such a blessing to hear this study is helping you and encouraging you!
      :o) {Marlene – Leadership Encourager}

  7. i am so happy that i have found this website and resources.
    I have recently lost my mother and have moved to be closer to family and i know that God is my provider but I can’t seem to let go of this feeling that I am alone. I know that I am not but I have not been able to break the cycle.
    I am excited to get involved in these resources and be able to get out of my shell and reach out.

    • Oh Erika, my heart goes out to you. I know the feeling of losing a parent all too well. And that emptiness it that takes over can be so strong.
      [Psalm 147:3 “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”].
      Praying for you, for peace, and for comfort.
      So happy you’re joining us through this study!! *hugs* {Marlene – Leadership Encourager}

  8. Thank you for everything that you all do.

  9. Thank you girls for your precious words from God. I will never be able to communicate to you just how much they have changed me from the inside. I have been living with those “voices and thoughts” that Sally mentioned in the video and Angela’s words for this week. I have spent 20 years (I’m 29!) telling myself that I am worthless, God can’t love a sinner like me, 6 years in a physically and sexually abusive marriage, and most of my adult life feeling like I am un-loveable. These past few days has opened my eyes and, wow, I now know that God loves me! It sounds so simple doesn’t it? You’re told in Sunday school, church, youth groups, scripture unions that God loves us but I never in a million years would have thought it was so hard for me to believe! I have moved myself into my parent’s house and finally told them the truth about my marriage. My husband has been arrested and a restraining order will be put up against him. My life is brighter, I see God’s beauty in the world for the first time. Your words have changed me. They have changed my life. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

    • Thank you Caoimhe Tennyson – for sharing your heart with us! I spent 11 years in an abusive marriage and have felt unlovable most of my life. BUT God, our Father does LOVE you! So touched to hear that you are in a safe place and see God’s beauty through all these! God Bless you! Will pray for you!
      Martha ‘Leadership Encourager’

  10. melinda says:

    I just cant thankyou you ladies enough for following gods plan for this book. It has changed my life. This particular study really stood out for me because i was struggling with exactly how much God loved me & through your book i am feeling Gods love & presence more & more in my life. Thankyou so much, you have set me on a new path & i truly believe you when you said “we are all here for a reason” (in this study) because God knew i needed this. God Bless and i cant wait to see what else God has in store for me over the coming weeks

    • Melinda, I am so glad to hear that it’s just what you need! I love how God works things like that in perfect timing.

  11. Thank you for this wonderful study. This is the first time I am joining you all the way from the Netherlands. Hopefully I will be able to continue when the baby is born (hopefully next week, due date 25th). With one little one of 2 1/2 years old I already nade use of your tips on rising early (luckily I am a natural at that) or keeping my son entertained till I am finished. Thank you again! The time with God is so immensely rewarding!

    • Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your newest little one! That’s exciting. And we’re glad you’re joining us from the Netherlands!!!

  12. I look forward you the summer bible studies. Summer is when our busy schedules slow down and I can spend hours in God’s word and just having our “coffee date”. This series has touched my heart- one of my boys , age 11, has asked recently why would God love me because I am always acting bad and is God real? My prayer is that God will give him understanding through this series. In the next week or so, I’m going to share this series with my three boys (ages 8,11,13) in hopes that they understand how much God loves them. Thank you ladies for all your hard work and dedication to share God’s word and His love. You’re like part of my family. Hugs.

    • Amy, how wonderful that God is using this study not only in your life, but in the lives of your children! Praying that God gives you wisdom as you parent your boys!


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