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Ohhh welcome back to week 4 of our 8 week summer online Bible study/book club!! I can’t believe we are half way through our study this week! I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun with friends! I’m so glad you’re joining us!


I bought into that lie for way to many years, you know the one about God only using “perfect” people…you may have too. I thought in order to really serve God, I had to be perfect, I had to really have my act together… sweet friends, nothing could be further from the truth.

I’ll admit to you that chapter four was my hardest chapter to write and caused me so much fear that I almost didn’t turn You Are Loved in to be published. I struggled with the thought of sharing with so many women my deepest, darkest pain….a personal “thorn” I had hidden for most of my life…..from almost everyone in my life. But this past year God has been doing a mighty work in my heart and I came to realize that I was being disobedient to Him by keeping silent. And so there you go, as an act of obedience and out of love for our Lord and for you, I share with you in chapter four one of my deepest, darkest struggles. I do so because I want YOU to know, that no matter what your “thorn” may be, God can use you. God uses imperfect people to do His perfect will.

I’ve learned through my life that it is in our weaknesses where we can find the opportunity to give God the most glory. I pray chapter four does that.

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Let’s Talk:
What stood out to you the most in chapter four?

Love God Greatly!
Angela- Good Morning Girls

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  1. I loved cahpter 4, Angela! I used to think hiding my weaknesses was what God want. I thought no one would want to be a Christian if they saw my weaknesses. I,too, learned that is a lie. When we share our weaknesses and struggles, it really helps others. They can relate to us and see we are not perfect. I have learned that the world is not looking for perfect people, they are looking for real people. You are so precious and I am so glad I have found this community!

    • Ohhh Heather!!! I so understand! I’ve lived in fear in the past that if I make a mistake, I will dishonor God….so thankful for God’s Word and His working in my life. I know know that is not truth and God does not put that burden on us. Love today’s verse for that exact illustration….Romans 5:8 While we were still sinners…..He died for us. Before we had our “acts together”, before we could love Him, He was already loving us.

      I’ve recently learned the same lesson….we don’t need perfect people to point us to Christ, we need women who through their daily dependence and the example of their own imperfect relationship with Christ to show us the way to truly live surrendered for Him. Living out of our love and gratitude for God. :)

  2. Brenda mills says:

    This chapter couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. But then again, God’s timing is perfect! I just started a work from home job and we are in a virtual training. We have to role play and answer questions aloud. If I end up not knowing the answer or getting something wrong I beat myself up all day because I was not perfect. I have grown up thinking I need to be perfect. My father and I struggled with our relationship from my teens until my 30’s. Unfortunately, my dad favored my brother. Don’t get me wrong he loved me, he just had a very different relationship with my brother. So I thought if I was perfect he would love me more. This continues in my life today. I don’t blame my dad for how I feel because I’m an adult, but this is what I struggle with. I also struggle with needing to be perfect for God to love me. When I have a “not so perfect” day I think, uh oh He must not love me as much today. I know where this lie comes from and Satan uses it against me. I know that God loves me and I cannot do anything to make Him love me more or less. This is my ‘”thorn.” “I don’t have to be perfect to be perfectly loved by Jesus.” I love those words, this study and this group!! Thank you God!

    • Writing this study has truly been so healing for me because even though I’ve known this truth that we can’t earn God’s love for us, it really hasn’t soaked into my heart until recently. And if I was completely honest with you, I’m still learning this lesson. Even the past few weeks I’ve had to come back to this truth from time to time. I can be such a struggle because grace is hard to accept at times….we like to “earn our way”, and we simply can’t when it comes to our salvation and God’s love. We just have to be forever thankful for it, accept it as the beautiful, wonderful gift that it is and in response allow it to change us from the inside out. :)


  4. Thank you soooooooo much for sharing this chapter, Angela! It speaks so deeply to me. And comes at just the right time. That burden of perfection is awful. Living in grace sounds wonderful. I have much to think about after reading Ch. 4.

  5. This week is so perfectly fitted; I struggle with being a people pleaser and that in turn makes me feel like I have to work so hard at pleasing God. Learning to just let Him love me right where I am at has been a great blessing. I am so very thankful that you girls have followed God’s prompting to write this study and share it with all of us. Seeing that others have weaknesses that God is using to share His love encourages me to keep growing closer to Him so I can share His love to those around me.

    • This chapter was so powerful! I agree, Tina – knowing that God can use our weaknesses to bring Him glory is encouraging!

  6. sheila miller says:

    Thank you for sharing and keep giving it to God to handle ~ love you greatly in God’s word

    • It’s something we all need to practice, Sheila – learning to trust God, and being willing to let him work in and through us!

  7. sheila miller says:

    Be sure to listen to this beautiful song: Lord, I thank you for this thorn.

    So perfect, and dedicated to you, Angela!

    • that is an awesome song- I started my relationship with my husband the same way- you can not like me or want me- he too showed me unconditional love and understanding, accepting me the way I was-forgiven and not perfect. thank you for sharing, I will look at my thorn in a different way

    • This is a beautiful song, Sheila! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Angela,
    Saturday I was preparing to teach in my Sunday morning Bible study, which I rarely teach, so I was a nervous mess. I felt like I was having a panic attack and my notes didn’t make sense. I cried to my husband and told him I wanted to quit. I teach only a few times a year and this happens EACH.AND.EVERY.TIME. He reminded me about Paul and his thorn in his side. He said that God never took it from him and perhaps God would never take my fear of public speaking from me, but Paul didn’t stop and neither should I, especially, because I know God called me to teach others about personal finances.

    Then I read this, this morning!! Can you believe it?!?! I completely believe the lie from Satan that I’m not smart enough to help others with their finances, what if someone asks me a question that I don’t know? I’m not good enough, qualified enough, there are better people out there. I believe this is how Satan gets to us. He can’t take our salvation from us, therefore he’ll TRY to convince us to stop serving God and furthering His kingdom.

    Well, yesterday, God won! The class went great, better than I could even imagine!

    I love God’s perfect timing, just like in Romans reading today, in “…at just the right time.”

    • Shirley Beesmer says:

      I read chapter 4 and immediately loved it. I so well remember struggling with my “thorn” in the flesh. In 1987, I began having seizures that were difficult to control and it took 3 medications to control them. This took me out of work which means I’m dependent on Social Security disability to live. The side effects from the medications make it very difficult to live. I lost my license to drive and am dependent on others to get places. And yet I can say “Thank you” because I have been led into women’s ministries and childrens ministries that I would probablynot otherwise be doing. I know that God is in control and His grace is sufficient for me.

      • Though our weaknesses, God’s strengths can be revealed. If we rely on him and allow him to work in and through us!

    • Dawn, thanks for sharing! I’m so glad you persevered and taught that class! And how wonderful that your husband helped you regain perspective, too.

  9. Love you, too Angela and all the GMG :)

  10. Beautiful testimony and we are so thankful that you stepped out to share boldly. Your story & passion is changing lives for Jesus Christ!!

  11. GODSGIRL says:

    I’ve enjoyed this book and this study very much. I read your story in Chapter 4. I am very sorry you had to go through all of that. But I was a straight A student in school and it didn’t stop some of the painful, painful things I faced in my childhood. School bullying. Abandonment. Mistreatment. I would have preferred to have the struggles in school and have all the love in the world than to have to face all that I did. The things I dealt with and am still dealing with…that has been my “thorn”.

    • Godsgirl,
      I’m sorry for the painful things you’ve had to face in your childhood. I had a difficult time in school (would have loved those straight A’s), they would have been a highlight to a harsh childhood. In the end, I think each person’s thorn looks totally — some more severe than others depending on the perspective. Either way it’s a thorn, it’s unpleasant and thankfully we can place our trust in God to pull us through and endure. Praying for you as you deal with your ‘thorn’.
      In Him,
      Martha ‘GMG Leadership Encourager’

  12. Good morning. I would first like to thank you for this wonderful family of sisters that has been created through this study. While I have enjoyed the study so far, today I must confess that I did not complete last week and I am really struggling and in a rut for some reason. I need prayer. Please pray the flame will become a blazing fire again. Thank you.

    • Tonya,
      Lifting you up in prayer for the flame to become a blazing fire. Don’t worry about last week – it happens to the best of us. We get behind. Take a deep breath and start again this week.

      In Him,
      Martha ‘GMG Leadership Encourager’

  13. OMGoodness! I cried so hard when I read this chapter. This is my story. My life! Only my family (including my children) know this about me. I can’t even help my children with homework. I can quiz them for test but if they get stumped on a question or problem they don’t get I send them to another sibling to help them or they wait for dad to come home and help them. I opened up to my closest friends in April about my struggle and they just embrassed me. And I shared in our adult VBS class last night about my struggle. But I still say yes when God asks- its scary but I know he’ll get me through whatever he’s brought me too.
    My youngest will be going into 5th grade this year and at the end of 3rd grade they said that she too has a learning disability and my heart breaks for her. I know what I went through and we never want our children to have to feel that pain.

    • Cersha,
      Bless your heart, than you for sharing. I’m very sorry that your friends choose to embarrass you about your struggle. That saddens my heart. I’m overjoyed to hear that you ‘still say YES to God’ !!! He will get you through, yes ma’am He will. Praying for you and your youngest!

      In Him,
      Martha ‘GMG Leadership Encourager’

  14. Thank you. What a beautiful message! I have had what I consider to be many thorns in my life- but I have seen God use them to bring glory to Him. I was abused growing up. My father passed away while I was young. Plus I have had many health issues over the years- including infertility. But God has used this abused, fatherless girl to minister to orphans and children in foster care. If those thorns hadn’t be part of my life, I don’t think I would be in Africa sharing Christ love with orphaned and vulnerable children.

    • Jenny,
      Thank you for sharing your beautiful story about Christ’s Love in Africa and how you got there. Bless you for seeing that had those thorns not been apart of your life, you might not be where you are serving and helping orphaned and vulnerable children.

      In Him,
      Martha ‘GMG Leadership Encourager’

  15. KellyK(@RNCCRN9706) says:

    My ‘thorn’ is needing to tell someone who wronged me that I forgive them. Trouble is how to go about doing it because she filed a complaint with her local PD that neither myself nor my husband are permitted to contact her or her husband in any way, shape or form (and I think the reason she did that is so her husband couldn’t find out about the affair she had with my husband as she has everything to lose if her husband had decided to kick her to the curb for cheating on him after he JUST discovered she ran up ANOTHER credit card on him).
    I’d just like to tell her that I have forgiven her for what she did. That’s all. It’s been on my mind for a LONG time.

    • Kelly,
      Sometimes we don’t get opportunity to tell the person face to face. But God knows your heart and that you have truly forgiven her.

      In Him,
      Martha ‘GMG Leadership Encourager’

  16. Angela,
    Thank you so much for obeying God by opening up about your ‘thorn’ in this chapter. Just like we often think, ‘ oh i’m not ——- enough’, i think that by keeping the thorns our secret struggle, it can intimidate and paralyze us with ‘oh this struggle is too hard, too big, etc. Your sharing with us made me feel brave enough to look the struggle in the face and see that, of course God is bigger, of course God can bring good in spite of it. It feels like by you bringing your stuggle into the Light, it shone some Light on mine, too! Thank you!

  17. Angela,
    Thank you so much for obeying God by opening up about your ‘thorn’ in this chapter. Just like we often think, ‘ oh i’m not ——- enough’, i think that by keeping the thorns our secret struggle, it can intimidate and paralyze us with ‘oh this struggle is too hard, too big, etc. Your sharing with us made me feel brave enough to look the struggle in the face and see that, of course God is bigger, of course God can bring good in spite of it. It feels like by you bringing your stuggle into the Light, it shone some Light on mine, too! Thank you!


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