You Are Loved-Week 2: Knowing God

Good Morning Girls- You Are Loved- Week 2

Welcome back to week 2 of our You Are Loved, 8 week summer Bible study/book club! I am beyond excited to have you back and look forward to digging into God’s Word with you this week as we learn how to get to know God better in our lives!

Learning about the ocean from books and videos is one thing, but nothing compares to actually going to the ocean and experiencing it. I was thinking about that truth this past week as I visited the Atlantic Ocean with my family and friends. Learning about the ocean from books, pictures and even videos, is not the same as actually being at the ocean and swimming in the water, running on the beach and hearing the sounds of the waves rushing to shore.

I believe some of us tend to approach God like that, lots of facts, data…..but no experience. We might have a lot of head knowledge about God. We can quote Bible verses and know most of the famous Bible stories, but head knowledge does not necessary turn into heart knowledge. This week in chapter two we talk about ways we can get to know God better. One important point to keep in mind this week as we read chapter 2 and dig into this week’s verses is that God desires for us to know Him. He has gone to great lengths for us to know Him in a personal way, through a relationship with Him. God has blessed us with His Word and when we are reading it, His words come alive and can speak straight into our hearts. God is good and He gives us opportunities to know Him through times of stillness and prayer as well as through His creation.

One thing is for sure; God loves each of us dearly and desires to have a personal relationship with us.

I’m so excited for you sweet friends as you begin to dig into the scriptures and see for yourself how God desires for us to know Him.

This week, make an action plan of how you are going to incorporate the different ways mentioned in chapter 2 into your life. Make a plan of when and where you are going to spend time in God’s Word. Practice spending some time this week just being still as you pray… on listening as much as talking when you are praying. And don’t forget it’s summertime, make sure and get out into nature!

Ohhh friends, I can’t wait to get to know our precious Lord better with you this week! Let’s get started!!

You Are Loved: Chapter 2 Video

(Click here if you can’t see today’s video)

Week 2 Reading Plan

Week 2 Memory Verse

Good Morning Girls- You Are Loved- Chapter 2

Week 2 Challenge

Let’s Talk:

1. After watching today’s video, what spoke to your heart?

2. What are some things that you can do to help you get to know God better?

Love God Greatly!

Angela- Good Morning Girls


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  1. For most of my life, I had ‘head’ knowledge of God. I always new something was missing. I did not have that same ‘love’ that other people I knew had. After my mom passed away in Sept 2013 from a short battle with cancer, I knew I wanted that relationship she had with God. I began searching, and God led me to GMG’s in October. I have been soaking in God’s word daily since. Thank you, Ladies! I can now proudly say, I have ‘heart’ knowledge and a personal relationship with God!

    • Ohhh what a joy that is to read this morning, Tonya! I’m so very sorry to hear of your mom’s passing, but I love seeing how you took something so painful and turned it into something so good! Thank you so much for joining us on this amazing journey!!!

  2. I am one of the ones who has walked just by faith and going to church. I have never read the bible on my own or even tried to study it. This is so much fun and I love learning. It helps to listen to other people and how they interpret what we all read. I would like to know what version of bible you use for our memory verse, it’s much easier to remember your versions than my bibles version. Thanks again for spreading the good news!!!

  3. Sandra dorris says:

    Clearly you all aren’t from Phoenix!! It’s way too hot to be outside! LOL

    • Ha!!!!:) I live in Dallas, so it gets pretty hot here too! :) Okay, so maybe don’t go out mid-day or anything crazy like that!!! But sunrises or sunsets are always amazing times to marvel at God’s handiwork!!!:)

  4. I just love how God speaks to us. My preacher’s sermon Sunday morning was about being still and listening to God. Stopping our busy lives and seeking God. Wow what a great surprise to open the book this morning and it was jusy a continue! I have been struggling with finding time DAILY. I am getting the message. It is up to me to make a choice to do so.

    • Misty,

      I love love how God speaks to us, when He really wants our attention!
      I pray you choose to spend some quality quiet time with Him.

      Martha ‘Leadership Encourager’

  5. I was raised in church all of my life and had a lot of head knowledge of God, but not a true relationship with him. It took some major life trials for me to really turn back towards him and truly know him as provider, comforter, and friend. I do still struggle with my prayer life and being still, and am continuing to work on that. As I sit here, I am listening to the birds chirping their
    morning songs and know that God cares so very much for them and for me.

    • Kim,
      Praise for continuing to work on your prayer life and being still! I didn’t grow up in the church but I did find God in the middle of some major life trials – I often wish I had more head knowledge of God. I’m working on that too!

      Martha ‘Leadership Encourager’

  6. Jaime McLeod says:

    I am loving your book and this study! Thanks again and God bless you all!

  7. Thanks and bless you Angela!

    This too was in my emails this morning and I just wanted to share it:

    “How you feel about yourself, will never change God’s love for you” by Shri Rose Shepherd with a beautiful letter from Father God to us:

    “My Beloved Daughter,

    My love for you is everlasting! My love for you cannot be hidden. What you’re searching for is found in my heavenly arms. I can promise you this, if you will seek Me first above all others, you will find that I am all you need to feel safe and secure. My love for you is everlasting and effortless because You are My daughter. My deepest desire is to be close to you, but I will not force My way into your heart. I will wait patiently for you to invite Me in and when you’re ready, we will walk together as Father and daughter every day for the rest of your life–until the day I see your precious face in heaven. For now, just breath in My never-ending love for you and smile just knowing you are My treasure.

    Your Loving Father”

    “I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself.” — Jeremiah 31:3

    You think Sheri Rose is doing your study with your book? (lol) If so, she’s already on Fri. :0) Loving this book and study … and I could say “ditto” to Tonya above. May God bring all our “head knowledge” straight to and through our heart.

    Have a blessed week in God’s love,

    • Here’s the link to Sheri’s video and message and where this love letter of the Father came from via Bible Gateway:

      • Praying this prayer of Paul’s:

        “I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give US the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that WE may know Him better. I pray that the eyes of OUR heartS may be enlightened in order that WE may know the hope to which He has called US, the riches of His glorious inheritance in His holy people, and His incomparably great power for us who believe. That power is the same as the mighty strength … ” AMEN!

    • Thank you for sharing Peggy!

      I so love Paul’s prayer!

      Martha ‘Leadership Encourager’

  8. My struggle is with being still and listening to God speak to me. I am really enjoying this study and getting to know God on a deeper level and realizing just how much I am loved.

    • Sandy,
      I use to struggle with being still. The first time I participated in Silence and Solitude – it was for 4 hours, I fell asleep. Ha
      Start out slow – try for 5 minutes – I turn off all electronics and sit in silence and listen to God. Try that every day for a week and go from there. You will love the peace that comes from it.

      Martha ‘Leadership Encourager’

  9. Greetings my fellow GMGs my name is Tiona and I am so excited about this weeks lesson, I am truly ready to have “be still” time with The Lord I am truly guilty of having only “head” knowledge of The Lord and everything that was shared on this weeks video made me see things a lot clearly even with being a busy mom I can still have quiet one on one time for The Lord and I’m excited to complete this week’s challenge so my fellow GMGs pray for me as I pray for you and we’ll be praying for each other!!!!

    • Praying for you Tiona, as you complete this week’s challenge.

      Martha ‘Leadership Encourager’

  10. I happen to come upon this while scanning pictures of nature as well as positive greetings I save & post. I gone through deaths as well as divorce & I stopped attending church. I had always attended church regularly. Within the.last 2-3 months I began to pray differently. My prayers are about my short comings & how to change me. I enjoy praying but I never thought about being silent to listen to God. Thank you! Also I have the KJV of the bible, I’m not quite understanding Ephesians 1:17-19. Also I need to get the book, tell me how this book will help me. Thank you!

    • Hi, Donna!
      I am so glad that you found us. The book You are Loved is a great book that provides Scripture and personal stories to help us to come to know how much God truly love us. Truly knowing the love of God transforms our lives, helps us heal, and gives us hope to face the challenges of each day. We’d love for you to head over to Amazon and grab a copy and continue joining us for the study. — If you go to the “Bible Gateway” website, you will be able to read the Bible in different translations such as the New International Version or the New King James Bible and several others. — One of the great things about Good Morning Girls is that we all are studying the same verse, so we learn from each other. If you go to the Good Morning Girls’ Facebook page, you will find other women who are sharing about the verse of the day as we continue through the study.

      God loves you very much, and it was no accident that you came across this blog post.

      Blessings to you,
      Good Morning Girls Leader Encourager

  11. I’m just seeing this blog and would love to hop aboard ~ Is it too late to join up? I’d be happy to catch up if you think it’s doable.

    • Hi, Meg,
      Enrollment for groups is closed, but you can still participate in the study. If you subscribe to receive our blog posts via e-mail, you will get a copy of the free PDF study booklet embedded in those e-mails. Then, you can join in on the discussion here on the blog and on the Good Morning Girls Facebook page.
      GMG Leader Encourager

  12. I am so grateful for the GMG family! Ever since joining the GMG community my heart relationship with God has increased tenfold. I’m so grateful that all of you ladies do what you do to bring us women together to worship Christ!

    • Hilary,

      Thank you for joining us – and sharing about your heart relationship with God. Praise!!

      Martha ‘Leadership Encourager’

  13. JoLynnH says:

    I struggle greatly with “being still” and “listening” for God in my quiet time with him. I find it almost impossible to stop my mind from interrupting my desire to truly rest in God’s presence and allow my heart, soul, and mind to fully open up to him and receive his communication. I wish I had a room with padded walls and nothing but beautiful views out the windows to aide me in my quest to fully quiet myself for our Lord. Another thing I struggle with is the feeling that God is my true Father, my first and ultimate parent. When I think of him I think of him as an authority figure but not so much as my Father, my parent. My hope is that through this study I can emerge with a child-like adoration of him and feel that he truly is my place of refuge from the world as I do when I think of curling up into my mother’s arms during difficulties. Thank you for this study!

    • Jolynnh,
      Lifting you up in prayer for you to have the peace in knowing God is our true Father. I think once you can see Him as a loving Father that only has your best interest at heart. You are precious to Him, He loves you deeply. I pray that through this study you will emerge with a child- like adoration for Him.
      As for ‘being still’ – I have practiced silence and solitude with God for 8 years – and during those ‘still’ moments are when I feel overwhelming peace – it takes time, the first time I tried being still I feel asleep. Try to take five minutes – ask God to still your mind so you can hear Him.

  14. Loronda says:

    I am loving this study so much.. I have had a very hit and miss relationship with my earthly father where I am constantly trying to do things to “win” his love and affection, so much that I have kind of subconciously gave God that same type of persona. It fills my soul so much to know that I am precious to God and that he delights in me! Wow, I just feel so amazed at even writing that. Thank you Father for Loving US!!!!

    • Loronda,
      It is a beautiful amazing feeling to know God our Father delights in us and we are precious to Him. I know I have my own issues of feeling unlovable but I keep telling myself – I am precious in His eyes!


  15. Melissa says:

    First thing in the morning, I love to say, “Thank you, Lord, for this glorious day.” I love to start the day thanking Him. :-)

    • Wonderful Melissa, I love starting my day praise the Lord! It makes my day much better!


  16. I’m still behind with this study but am reading the blog posts as I catch up and loving reading the comments and seeing that others are absorbing as much as I have been!
    I found this website through a sweet friend on Instagram and have been incredibly blessed with the structure and content.

    I haven’t been able to get out in our God’s wonderful masterpiece that is the world a lot these past weeks apart from travelling to and from the hospital and doctors surgery but have felt His presence in the little breeze that brushes my hair from my face, the chirping birds of the early morning and the glorious sunset I have watched many times this week – I have been in constant pain through an infection but these little things remind me just how glorious He is…Jeremiah 24:6 really spoke to me from this week, I am praying that I always remember His wish is to BUILD US UP and not tear us down, He wants us PLANTED and won’t pluck us out.

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