The Launching of a Dream…


Until my 6th grade year, I grew up on various Air Force bases around the United States. With my dad being in the military I was use to having some of my classmates move overseas to other countries. I distinctly remember one special friend in 3rd grade moving to Greece and wishing I could move overseas to another country like she did. For as long as I can remember, God has always had other nations on my heart. I don’t know if any of you remember this or not, but there was a certain international Barbie doll line that came out in the 80’s (I know I’m dating myself here) and I remember as a little girl looking at all the different dolls, their beautiful dresses and unique accessories. Since a child, I have always been intrigued with other countries….I believe it’s part of the way I’ve been made, for the purpose God has created me to do for the time He has given me. As Jennie Allen calls it in her book, Restless….it’s one of my “threads.”

In high school I had the wonderful opportunity to travel with my mom to the Ukraine to teach children about God through a summer vacation Bible school. God took the seed that He had planted in my heart as a child and began to water it on that trip. I loved being with the Ukrainians, hearing their stories, answering their questions about the United States and learning from them about their culture. On that special trip I learned two very important lessons that have stayed with me through the years, the first one is that God is not only God of the United States, but of the whole world! He is everywhere. I know that may sound so basic, but actually experiencing that simple truth opened my eyes and heart to others who may not look, speak or think exactly like me. The second was that if I really want to see God work in my life, I have to step out in faith. I can’t play it safe. Beautiful, inspirational testimonies are not birthed in “playing it safe” lives.


So on Wednesday I told you about the #Get1Give1 way we are giving back and helping to fulfill the Great Commission through giving away our international #YouAreLoved translations. Well today I want to share with you the other EXCITING part of that story!

Through your purchase of #YouAreLoved, you are supporting two amazing ministries, Sally Clarkson’s MomHeart and GoodMorningGirls!

The Good Morning Girls profits are going to go toward hosting an international summer leadership training intensive for all our translators on the GMG International Team!! Y’all, I am SO SO SO excited about this and pray that you will catch the vision and join me!

So what does this mean?
Basically the funds that are raised through the sell of #YouAreLoved will go toward flying, feeding and housing about 20 women from around the WORLD for one week here in the United States NEXT summer. Eeek!!! Isn’t that cool?!!!!

What’s My Vision?
I think it’s wise and important to invest in technology and materials and all sorts of good things like that, and Lord willing I will one day be able to a little more, but right now what God has on my heart is to invest in women….in their lives. That has to be my first priority. And so that’s what I’m doing with the money. I’m not a “business” person so this might not be the smartest business move or way to allocate my funds, but when I look at Jesus and how He lived His life, He didn’t always make the best “business” decisions either. He invested His life in only 12 men. He lived His life focused and one mission, keeping the purpose God had for Him front and center in His life. I want to do the same. He is my role model and I choose to follow Him.

So I’m praying my heart out and trusting God to raise the funds through #YouAreLoved, spreading a powerful message of God’s love to a generation of women who are in desperate need to hear it. I’m going back to what He taught me years ago on a mission trip to the Ukraine, to live my life boldly by stepping out in faith.

Praying & Trusting
Do you want to know one of the prayers I’ve recently been praying as Sally and I have launched our book?
I’ve been praying that I will do my job, I’ve been working crazy hard behind the scenes to get this book to you all….but I don’t want to do so much that I miss seeing His fingerprints. I want to give God room to be glorified. I want to give Him center stage and any “success” that our book might get….I want it all to reflect back to Him.

Like I said, I’m not the best marketing person. I’m not in the slightest way gifted in business matters, I’m sure I’ve made lots of mistakes as I’ve launched this book….but you know what? I don’t want to do it perfectly because then I might miss out on seeing Him take over and spread our book in ways that only He can. I want to work hard and do my part, but I also want to make sure and leave room so I can see Him do His.

So what do you say, sweet friends. Want to join me for a crazy fun ride?
Sally (ohhh man, I just adore her) has been so sweet and agreed to help me train these beautiful sisters in Christ that God has brought to GoodMorningGirls over the years. I plan on contacting a few other people to come and help us train, encourage and invest in our translator’s lives and then the most exciting thing will happen. My prayer is that after our summer intensive, they will go back to their countries, equipped, inspired and ready to radically impact their country for God’s glory! We are only in stage 1 of a multi stage plan here, friends.

The Plan…
First we need to raise the money, then we need to host the intensive, then we need to send them back and impact their countries…..and the rest, well it’s all in God’s hands….

I want you to join me on this amazing adventure…..I can’t do it without you …..and honestly I don’t want to. I want you, and invite you to join me on this journey. Together, lets go and make disciples of all nations.

Go Make Disciples

How can you get involved?

1. Pray
2. Purchase a book
3. Invite a friend to join you for our summer book club/Bible study
4. Tell others about what GMG is doing!!!



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Love God Greatly!
Angela- Good Morning Girls

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  1. What an awesome mission!!!! I will certainly be praying for this ministry, the success of the book (I cannot wait to get my copy!) in order to fund the ministry, and for all of you as you prepare to equip these women with everything they need in order to live & work in the light of the Lord. May God continue to bless this ministry! xoxo Cary:)

    • Martha says:


      Thank you for buying a book and helping fund the ministry! Thank you for your prayers and being apart of this great thing with GMG!

      Leadership Encourager

    • Angela says:

      Ohh sweet Cary,

      Thank YOU so much for your prayers! They mean the world to me/us!!:)

  2. KellyK(@RNCCRN9706) says:

    That’s so awesome Angela!! Glad to know my purchase is going to such a wonderful cause!! Proud to be a GMG!!! And hope to someday get another big bear hug from Whitney!! She gives the best hugs!!!!!

    I’ve been reading ahead in the book as my copy came Tuesday. I read chapter 4 and Angela, your testimony made me cry!! Oh sister friend, thank you for sharing that! Wow! So powerful!

    God bless you all! Thank you for sharing with all of us!

    • Martha says:


      Thank you for your purchase and helping GMG beautiful mission!
      I did the same thing, read chapter 4 and cried — oh it opened wounds of my own. So powerful indeed and such a blessing!

      Leadership Encourager

    • Angela says:

      Oh Kelly,

      Yes, Whitney indeed gives the best hugs!!!:) Ha!:) Ohhh sweet friend, chapter 4 was so hard to write….but so blessed to hear that it touched your heart. :) It’s all for His glory. I’m just honored to be able to share my stories. :) Thanks soooo much for purchasing a book!:)

  3. Marilyn says:

    Such a great idea! Buying one book and giving one to other country, I will definitely support this GMGirls book club. “Therefore make deciples of all nation” Matthew 28:19….Glory to God!

  4. So excited about this study and what you are doing. That is a beautiful vision–to equip and bless women around the world. I am happy to be a part of it. Will pray for you and the book. I’ve purchased my copy and I’m looking forward to studying with my group.

    • Martha says:


      So glad you are here with us and thank you for those prayers!

      Leadership Encourager

    • Angela says:

      Thank you so much, Rachel for your prayers….they are so important and for joining us! We can’t wait to see how God is going to move through this!:)

  5. Congrats on your new book! I enjoy reading your inspirational blog. It’s refreshing to be filled up by other women of faith. I linked you up on my blog under “Small Seeds” because that is what you are doing…growing small seeds in faith and compassion. Thank you!

  6. WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL!!!! I’ve already purchased my book and am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival!

    • Martha says:

      Wonderful Phoebe!!!

      I’m so excited for you to get your book and thank you for helping others be able to read and study the Word!!!

      Leadership Encourager

    • Angela says:

      Ohh hope it is a blessing to you, Phoebe!!:) Thank you so much for supporting our ministry!!:)

  7. Mina Podgaiskaya says:

    Wow, what a small world. I am a missionary in…Ukraine! It was extra special to read your testimony. I am now a regular member of a GMG on-line group. A fellow missionary in Ukraine, Marianna Peipon told me about the group. I has been a fun, spirit-filled, bonding experience! Thank you for making this possible!

  8. I would love to lead a group. Please provide the information needed. This study is a blessing. Thank you.

  9. Hi mates, its impressive post on the topic of educationand completely defined, keep it
    up all the time.


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