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GMG Mentoring Study

Did you know we have over 1000 registered leaders of Good Morning Girls groups? Our leaders are women who see the importance of personally studying God’s word, and want to encourage other women to do the same. These dedicated women lead groups through facebook, email, private blogs, and some groups meet in real life.

Everyone involved with GMG is a volunteer! Our leaders take time from their days to not only have their own quiet time, but to post in their groups, encouraging other women to do the same.

Leadership is so much more than knowing what to post and how to post it, however. Yes, the practical parts of leadership are important – but our motivations and attitudes are even more important! To be effective as a leader, we need to analyze our own motivations for being a leader, as well as our attitudes toward leadership.

Leadership Mentoring is designed to help you do just that. Each Mentoring group consists of an experienced leader as your Mentor, and other women just like you! Women who want to become stronger GMG leaders, or women who want to begin leading a GMG group.

The dates for the next mentoring session are:
April 27th – Applications Close
May 2nd – Groups open and discussion begins
May 5th to May 16th – Leadership Bible Study

Every Good Morning Girls group is different, because each woman in the group is unique. And each leader is unique! We desire to help you become the best you can be!

To apply for the Leadership Bible study and mentoring, please click here.

Be blessed, and be a blessing!

Amanda, GMG Mentoring Director

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  1. How many studies are you committed to leading per year after the mentoring is over? I was just wondering how that part works. Thanks!

    • Hi Christine!

      You can view the yearly calendar in the Info tab to see how many studies there are over the course of the year. We don’t ask for a specific commitment to a certain number of studies – we know how life gets! But we encourage women to lead as they are able.

  2. do you make the groups per country or all mixed up? if you mix it up you have to remember there is a time diffrents.

    • Hi Eveline!

      Since the groups are all hosted online, it doesn’t matter where you live. There is no set time to come in and post, so it works for the mentoring groups regardless of where you live.

      However, there are some leaders who prefer to lead their regular GMG groups with women from their local area for various reasons.

  3. pamcuttinG says:

    Hi just want u all to know that I think ur awesome, to take ur time out of ur daily lives to help us learn, love, & grow in the greatness of OUR LORD. THANKYOU for love ing Him so much,to want us to know him in His fullness!God bless u all!

  4. I submitted my mentor application and I am so excited! When will I receive feedback from you that you have received it and/or accepted it? Many blessings to you!

  5. Hi I’m wondering if there is anyway I could still sign up for the mentorship group. I’m new to Good Morning Girls and missed the application deadline. I would like to join a group and be involved during the summer months. Let me know if there is anyway I could join. Thank you.

  6. Michelle collins says:

    I somehow missed this blog post and email. Is it too late to sign up for the mentoring session. I know it begins on Monday – but I would really love to be included if that is a possibility.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Hello, I’m fairly new to GMG and I just was looking over the site again and came across the leadership and mentoring. My question is do any of your leaders mentor personally one on one. You know there are times when you just need someone to talk to our that extra boost of encouragement. I’m curious. Thank you be blessed.

  8. I thought I saw on face book. That I could still register to be mentor.


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